Sue's Daily Summaries

Thursday 26 May '16 show notes

  • What Do People Do On Social Media That Makes You Crazy? (Thom Reveals His Pet Peeves Too!)
  • How Do You Feel About Elizabeth Warren As VP With Either Bernie Or Hillary?
  • Farron Cousins, Ring of Fire/Trial Lawyer Magazine: Time To Hold Exxon Mobile Accountable for Climate Change Cover-Up

Wednesday 25 May '16 show notes


  • Why Are Poor Black Kids Being Punished More Than Rich White Banksters?
  • Alex Orlov, Mic: The World Would Not Exist If Everyone Ate Like Americans
  • Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO, 2nd District): Tell the Senate to Pass Email Privacy Act AS IS!!

Tuesday 24 May '16 show notes

  • Stephanie Miller, The Stephanie Miller Show: Election 2016...Democracy is Messy and That's a Good Thing!
  • Thomas Frank, Listen Liberal: What Happened to the Democratic Party?
  • Jeff Cohen, Ithaca College/F.A.I.R./Roots Action/Cable News Confidential: How Do We Take the Election Back From the Media?

Monday 23 May '16 show notes

  • Freddie Gray Arresting Officer Found Not Guilty?!
  • Cash for Kidneys? You May Be Able To Sell Your Body Parts Soon...If You're Poor
  • Professor Erwin Chemerinsky, UC Irvine School of Law: How You Can Sue For Climate Change Action

Friday 20 May '16 show notes

  • The GOP's shady vote - to exempt federal contractors from the Civil Rights Act!
  • Congressman Rick Nolan (D-MN, 8th District): The Biggest Threat To Our Democracy & What We Can Do About It
  • Anything Goes Friday!

Thursday 19 May '16 show notes

  • How Do We Give America Back to The People?
  • Why America is NOT a Conservative Nation...
  • Lori Wallach, Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch: New Report Confirms TPP Will KILL More American Jobs

Wednesday 18 May '16 show notes

  • Erin Bilbray, NV DNC Committee Member: A Bernie Supporter Speaks Out on the NV Debacle
  • Senator Nina Turner (former OH State Senator)/Bernie Sanders Campaign: What Happened In NV Last Weekend?
  • Your calls - thoughts on the Nevada Democratic Convention - and where to go from here...
  • Your calls on the topics of the day!

Tuesday 17 May '16 show notes

  • We're all The Truman Show & Can't Escape! Or Can We?
  • What the ginned-up outrage over transgender restroom laws is now causing...
  • What the powers-that-be money-men are up to now... Plus your calls!

Monday 16 May '16 show notes

  • How Long Will the Media Let Trump Be the 'Teflon Don'?
  • Mary Anne & Pamela Aden, The Aden Forecast: What is Going On With Oil & Gold Prices?
  • Best of the Rest of the News

Friday 13 May '16 show notes

  • What Would You Choose... Democracy OR Healthcare & Basic Income?
  • Harvey Wasserman, Solartopia/STRIP & FLIP SELECTION OF 2016: Five Jim Crows & Electronic Election Theft (due in 2016): Who's Stealing Your Vote... and How?
  • David Cobb, Move To Amend: Why We Need A "We The People Amendment"
  • Anything Goes Friday!

Thursday 12 May '16 show notes

  • Donald Trump is NOT another Eisenhower Republican!
  • Bryan Riley, Heritage Foundation: Why Are Conservatives Still Supporting Slavery?
  • Should Google Be Considered a Utility and Regulated As Such?

Wednesday 11 May '16 show notes

  • Is Trump Embracing Capitalism Over Democracy?
  • Louise Tiedman, World Trade Council-Tacoma: When Has Corporate Free Trade Ever Helped Anyone Besides Billionaires?
  • How Corporate Profit Motive Will Destroy Our National Parks

Tuesday 10 May '16 show notes

  • What is the Republican Party?
  • Jeff Stier, National Center For Public Policy Research: Are the Feds Coming For Your E-Cigarettes?
  • Greg Palast, BBC News/The Guardian/Billionaires & Ballot Bandits: REVEALED: Trump's Vote Stealing GOP Hitman

Monday 9 May '16 show notes

  • What Is the Heart & Soul of the Republican Party?
  • Thom's Best of the Rest of the News!
  • Michael Cannon, Cato Institute: 2000+ Doctors Prescribe Singlepayer Healthcare...So, Why Not?

Friday 6 May '16 show notes

  • In for Thom today, progressive commentators Danielle and Shane-O
  • 2000+ Doctors Agree...It's Time for Single Payer Health Care.
  • What's the Best Advice Your Mom Ever Gave You?
  • Danielle tells her healthcare story from earlier this week...
  • Anything Goes Friday!

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The coal country state of West Virginia is in the middle of a special legislative session to deal with a $270 million budget shortfall, and it's setting the stage for Republicans to completely gut the state's government.

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