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Monday 30 March '14 show notes

  • What was Mike Pence thinking?!
  • Neil McCabe, / The Washington Mercury: Who benefits from religions 'freedom' laws?
  • Dr. David Schubert, Salk Institute for Biological Studies: Scientist speaks out about the coming food disaster

Friday 27 March '14 show notes

  • In for Thom today, progressive commentators Danielle and Shane-O
  • Anything Goes! with Nicole Belle, Crooks and Liars

Thursday 26 March '14 show notes

  • In for Thom today, progressive commentators Danielle and Shane-O.
  • Timothy Karr, Free Press: Net neutrality...the fight continues
  • Josh Balk, Humane Society of the United States: Why you really need to care about ag-gag laws
  • Melinda St. Louis, Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch: Turning up the heat on TPP Fast Track...

Wednesday 25 March '14 show notes

  • In for Thom today, progressive commentators Danielle and Shane-O.
  • What good are rights if you can't access them?
  • Michael Li, Brennan Center for Justice: Did SCOTUS just hand a victory to Alabama voters?
  • Maya Schenwar, Locked Down, Locked Out: Why Prison Doesn't Work and How We Can Do Better / Truthout: SCOTUS blasts America's abusive corrections system
  • Stephanie Mencimer, Mother Jones: Executing the insane is against the why do we keep doing it?

Tuesday 24 March '14 show notes

  • In for Thom today... progressive talkers Danielle & Shane-O
  • Josh Mound, Doctoral Candidate, Department of History-University of Michigan / Jacobin Magazine: EXPOSED...the next great treasury raid
  • Kymone Freeman, We Act Radio: One-man show: 'Angry Black Man In Therapy'
  • Desi Doyen, The Green News Report: Mandatory water rationing...a reality for CA?

Monday 23 March '14 show notes

  • In for Thom today...please welcome progressive talkers Danielle & Shane-O
  • John Fugelsang, Tell Me Everything on SiriusXM ch. 121: What you need to know about Ted Cruz
  • Bruce Wilson, Talk2Action: Ted Cruz...Trojan Horse for theocracy?
  • Ian Millhiser, Think Progress & Injustices: The Supreme Court's Nearly Unbroken History of Comforting the Comfortable and Afflicting the Afflicted: Confederate speech?
  • Susan Mizner, ACLU: Why are so many disabled people getting killed by police?

Friday 20 March '14 show notes

  • Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT): "Brunch With Bernie"
  • Marianne Williamson, Sister Giant 3: Restoring our Democracy
  • Anything Goes on Townhall Friday!

Thursday 19 March '14 show notes

  • Ona Porter, Prosperity Works: Who is hijacking our democracy now?
  • California - out of water and climate change
  • Obama promotes more voting - the Right goes nuts.

Wednesday 18 March '14 show notes

  • Republicans find their next group of suckers...
  • Ani Zonneveld, Muslims For Progressive Values: Ani's open letter to the new Saudi King
  • Bishop Council Nedd II, Episcopal Missionary Church / Project 21: Does America hate God...?

Tuesday 17 March '14 show notes

  • Mike Papantonio, Ring Of Fire Radio: E-mail tu Jeb?
  • Eric Michelman, More Than Scientists: Climate change...'it's personal' say scientists
  • Freedom means two different things - one for working people, another for the rich

Monday 16 March '14 show notes

  • Dan Bongino, Life Inside the Bubble: Is it time to disband the Republican Party?
  • What to do with the 47 traitors?
  • Would you vote for Martin O'Malley for president?

Friday 13 March '14 show notes

  • Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT): "Brunch With Bernie"
  • Anything Goes on Townhall Friday!

Thursday 12 March '14 show notes

  • Should the Republican Party be disbanded?
  • #47Traitors & GOP in violation of RICO statutes?
  • The Turner Diaries and the American hard right

Wednesday 11 March '14 show notes

  • Is it time to put Senators in jail yet?
  • Rob Kall, Op Ed News: Corporate personhood on steroids...
  • Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear: Four years of Fukishima fallout

Tuesday 10 March '14 show notes

  • Neil McCabe, / The Washington Mercury: #47 traitors
  • Matt Anderson, Fall and Winter: A survival guide for the 21st century
  • Thom takes your calls on Treason, the Logan Act

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