Sue's Daily Summaries

Tuesday 30 August '16 show notes

  • War on Drugs - and death - in the Philippines
  • Thom's Best of the Rest of the News!
  • Anything Goes Friday!

Thursday 25 August '16 show notes

  • About Those CEOs Who Put Profit Over Country...
  • Michael R. McLean, Jacobin Magazine: Lakota vs. Bundys... The Tale of Two Protests
  • Greg Palast, Rolling Stone Magazine: The GOP's Stealth War on Voters

Wednesday 24 August '16 show notes

  • How Do We Defeat the New Jim Crow?
  • What the Hell Do You Have to Lose if Trump is Elected?
  • (former) OH State Senator Nina Turner, Our Revolution: The Movement Rebirth...
  • Harvey Wasserman, Solartopia: As NY Gov Sells Out, it's All Out War on Nuclear Power...
  • Thom's best of the rest of the news!

Tuesday 23 August '16 show notes

  • Mark Ames, Radio War Nerd Podcast/Pando Daily/Going Postal: Rage, Murder and Rebellion from Reagan's Workplaces to Clinton's Columbine and Beyond: Are Millennials Going Libertarian?
  • Chairman Dave Archambault, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe: The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Speaks Out
  • Bill Moyer, Backbone Campaign: What is Solutionary Rail?

Monday 22 August '16 show notes

  • Why Donald Trump MAY Get Elected...
  • Al Gore: If You Care About the Climate Crisis...Don't Vote Third Party
  • Why is Rush Limbaugh So Afraid of Lesbian Farmers?

Friday 19 August '16 show notes

  • Thom's news of the day - GOP governors killing people with their policies, plus the courts are calling out legislators!
  • Native American prophecy - and the huge pipeline that's not named Keystone XL...
  • Jared Yates Sexton, New Republic: The Word Trump Doesn't Want to Hear..."LOSER"

Thursday 18 August '16 show notes

  • Which Is The Biggest Scam, Republicans Or Libertarians?
  • The Best of the Rest of the News
  • Trump hires most prominent white nationalist for his campaign

Wednesday 17 August '16 show notes

  • USA! USA! We're #1!! Or, Are we???
  • Trump is not an anomaly - He's just a typical Republican...
  • Dr. Michael Mann, Earth System Science Center-Penn State University/The Madhouse Effect: How Climate Change Denial Is Threatening Our Planet, Destroying Our Politics, and Driving Us Crazy: The Madhouse Effect is Driving Us to the Brink...
  • America's Lawyer Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio/Law and Disorder: Aetna's Plan to Hold Obamacare Hostage

Tuesday 16 August '16 show notes

  • Would Donald Trump Pass a Citizenship Test?
  • Ryan Mauro, Clarion Project : Trump... Extreme Vetting?
  • Sharon Kelly, DeSmogBlog: What Are the Koch Brothers Up To Now?

Monday 15 August '16 show notes

  • Why are We Allowing Nafta to Kill Us?
  • Want to see what trade deals do? - Look at Detroit...
  • China's financial mess - and the Crash of 2016...
  • Stopping gun proliferation by encouraging "gun-free" businesses?

Friday 12 August '16 show notes

  • What Does Being Patriotic Mean To You?
  • Randi Weingarten, American Federation of Teachers (AFT)/Hillary for America: How Stronger Labor Makes a Stronger America
  • It's Anything Goes Friday!

Thursday 11 August '16 show notes

  • I'm Sick of the So-Called "News"...
  • Carl Higbie, George Washington Leadership Foundation/Enemies, Foreign & Domestic: A SEAL’s Story: Is Trump the Worst Presidential Candidate Ever?
  • Hillary Clinton's economic speech from Warren, MI - plus your calls!

Wednesday 10 August '16 show notes

  • Is Empathy Taught or Something You're Born With?
  • Angelo Carusone, Media Matters For America: Has Trump Legitimized the White Supremacists...?
  • Your calls on the topics of the day!

Tuesday 9 August '16 show notes

  • Proof: Donald Trump's Tough Talk on Trade is Complete B.S.
  • Was Thomas Jefferson Wrong About Tomatoes?
  • Thom's Best of the Rest of the News - plus your calls!

Monday 8 August '16 show notes

  • Can Any Conservative Deal With Poverty?
  • Voting third party is white privilege
  • Curtis Ellis, Jobs Alliance: The Bait & Switch on TPP By Most Politicians... Right & Left!

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Nuclear Plant Has Been Leaking For Four Years

According to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Entergy Corp has allowed highly radioactive waste to leak into a contained area at the FitzPatrick nuclear power plant for the last four years.

The FitzPatrick plant is near Oswego, New York, but the NRC has said that the leak "poses no immediate risks to any residents or the environment."

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