Sue's Daily Summaries

Thursday 3 September '15 show notes

  • The Power of Pot
  • How the media covers Bernie
  • Thom's theory of food density...
  • Jitu Brown, hunger striker/Kenwood Oakland Community Organization (KOCO)/Journey for Justice Alliance: Chicago Community Fights For Their School...

Wednesday 2 September '15 show notes

  • Howard Dean Feels 'The Bern'
  • Carl Pittman, Project 21/Harris County Sherrif's office: Conservatives Blame #BlackLivesMatter For Cop Killings...?
  • Professor Stephen Cohen, The Nation Magazine/Soviet Fates and Lost Alternatives: Is the New Cold War Ramping Up?

Tuesday 1 September '15 show notes

  • Koch and Trump Castrate Bush
  • Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Democracy at Work: The Risk...China vs. the West
  • Neil McCabe, One America News Network: Has America Become Too P.C.?

Monday 31 August '15 show notes

Friday 28 August '15 show notes

Wednesday 26 August '15 show notes

Tuesday 25 August '15 show notes

Monday 24 August '15 show notes

Friday 21 August '15 show notes

Thursday 20 August '15 show notes

Wednesday 19 August '15 show notes

Tuesday 18 August '15 show notes

  • Max Blumenthal, The 51 Day War-Ruin and Resistance in Gaza: Explaining 'Politicide'
  • We voted for a revolution in 2008 and didn't get one...
  • Anything Goes Summer!

Monday 17 August '15 show notes

  • Gianno Caldwell, Caldwell Strategic Consulting: Where are the Rockefeller Republicans?
  • John W. Dean, Broken Government: How Republican Rule Destroyed the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches: Welcome to the Trump Reality Show
  • Chuck Todd tries to gotcha Bernie Sanders...

Friday 14 August '15 show notes

  • Thom riffs on the news of the day!
  • Phillip Smith, Alternet/Stop The Drug War: Blowing Up Marijuana's Big Myths
  • Anything Goes Friday!

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Pulitzer Prize Reporter Exposes Trump’s Lack of Wealth, Mob Ties, Failure to Support Charity, and Much More

Author: K.J. McElrath is a former history and social studies teacher who has long maintained a keen interest in legal and social issues (From:

Taxpayers Fund Yet Another Unneeded Building in Afghanistan

The latest disclosure raises the total for surplus buildings uncovered by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction to nearly $42 million

Hillary Clinton email trove shows concern with Netanyahu's psyche

As US secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton spent plenty of time in daunting foreign territory

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Time To Start Treating Guns Like Abortions

It's time we start regulating guns like we regulate abortions.

Because it just makes sense that we regulate these individual rights in the same way.

Because the Supreme Court, in the Heller case, concluded that there is an individual right to own firearms found in the Second Amendment - just like they ruled in Roe v. Wade that there is an individual right to have an abortion found in the Fourth Amendment.

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