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Wednesday 5 November '14 show notes

  • The fatal flaw with democracy
  • John Nichols, The Nation Magazine: Obama Should Not Accept ‘Lame Duck’ Status
  • Professor Harvey J. Kaye, The Fight for The Four Freedoms: Election analysis
  • Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT): Brunch With Bernie (special edition)
  • Thom takes your calls about election 2014

Tuesday 4 November '14 show notes

  • It's election day 2014...have you voted?
  • Brendan Fischer, Center for Media and Democracy (CMD): Chasing dark money
  • Lee Fang, The Nation & Republic Report: How Mitch McConnell Is Bending Every Last Campaign Finance Rule
  • Chris Melody Fields, Election Protection: Protecting your vote
  • Luke Vargas: reporting on the election from New Hampshire
  • Justin Duckham: covering the election live from Kentucky

Monday 3 November '14 show notes

  • What happens when your democracy has been hijacked by billionaires?
  • Neil McCabe, Guns & Patriots Newsletter: What will happens if the GOP takes over congress?
  • Jim Dean, Democracy for America: On the road for democracy

Friday 31 October '14 show notes

  • Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT): "Brunch With Bernie"
  • Dave Rosenfeld, OSPIRG / Oregon Right to Know: Should you have the 'right to know' about GMO?
  • Pamela Smith, Verified Voting: Protect your vote on election day

Thursday 30 October '14 show notes

  • Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio: The Bush fear machine is baaaack...
  • Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA): why we need the new Right to Vote Act
  • Investigative Journalist Greg Palast: EXPOSED-GOP purge threatens millions of voters
  • NY Times journalist James Risen, Pay Any Price: Greed, Power and Endless War: Would you Pay Any Price?
  • Plus, our newest video debuts - Episode 3: Green World Rising.

Wednesday 29 October '14 show notes

  • Barbara Combs Lee, Compassion & Choices: Death with 29?
  • Paul M. Sherman, Institute for Justice: Trick or in politics
  • Dan Sisson, The American Revolution of 1800: Thom Hartmann University Book Club

Tuesday 28 October '14 show notes

  • What has greed cost America?
  • Baylen Linnekin, Keep Food Legal: Food fight...the 'right' to be unhealthy?
  • J. David Hughes, Post Carbon Institute: FINALLY...some good news about fracking!

Monday 27 October '14 show notes

  • The Caucus Room Conspiracy is Silencing the Left...
  • Derryck Green, Project 21: The 'myth' of conservative racism...?
  • Harry Shearer, Nixon's The One: Channeling Richard Nixon

Friday 24 October '14 show notes

  • Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT): "Brunch With Bernie"
  • Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH): Creating high paying, high tech manufacturing jobs
  • Anything Goes on Townhall Friday!

Thursday 23 October '14 show notes

  • Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio: FL voters...time to dump Rick Scott's Tea Party experiment
  • Walter Harris, City of South Miami, FL.: One small town's fight to survive climate change
  • Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA, 13th District): How the GOP put the public's health at risk

Wednesday 22 October '14 show notes

  • Archbishop Council Nedd II, Project 21: Should clergy be fired for refusing to obey the law?
  • James Sherk, Heritage Foundation: Why Conservatives should love a minimum wage hike

Tuesday 21 October '14 show notes

  • Bryan Fischer, American Family Association: Why is any public school in America in the 'religion business'?
  • Paul Gunter, Beyond Nuclear: Fukushima radiation to hit West Coast
  • What America needs to learn about Ebola

Monday 20 October '14 show notes

  • Who's watching you self-censor?
  • Neil McCabe, Guns & Patriots Newsletter: Time to close Gitmo for good? Neil McCabe
  • Scott Carruthers, Carruthers Law Group: How BP screwed the Apalachicola Bay fishermen

Friday 17 October '14 show notes

  • Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT): "Brunch With Bernie"
  • Anything Goes on Townhall Friday!
  • Dr. Eric Kort, Assistant Professor-College of Engineering Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences, University of Michigan (worked on the study w/NASA): The gas that could end the world

Thursday 16 October '14 show notes

  • Our Media Sucks - Fangate More Important than Rick Scott's crimes?
  • Rose Ann DeMoro, National Nurses United: Let's not sacrifice one more nurse on profits over public health!
  • Lisa Graves, Center for Media and Democracy: How 'Pay to Prey' puts us all at risk

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