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Sandra Bland Redux

Some time has passed and many ludicrous conspiracy theories have been proffered and proven wildly fantastical such as: "Pssst! One more thing. Sandra Bland was murdered." Others included: she was racially and/or sexually profiled, she was murdered by Officer Encinia, she was murdered in her cell, she was given drugs in her cell, and the absolute winner: Anonymous' outer-space contention that she was dead in her mug shot.

Hunting and Gathering

Hunting and Gathering was a Primitive means of Living and it should stay that way.

Some of us have not evolved with modern times.

There is alot of evidence that Human Evolution has a long ways to go.

2030: Over 2 Billion Jobs Will be Lost to Automation

China sets up first unmanned factory; all processes are operated by robots BEIJING: A Chinese firm specialising in precision technology has set up the first unmanned factory at Dongguan city where all the processes are operated by robots, regarded as futuristic solution to tide over China's looming demographic crisis and dependence on manual workers.&nbsp

Police State is HERE..Michigan's UP

Unarmed drunk killed by cop

jail inmate dies mysteriously

Man commits suicide after cop interogation

Sheriff sends thugs in the middle of the night to terrorize 78 year old Nazi survivor

Cops collect money on the spot

Open house at state police showcases WEAPONS WEAPONS WEAPONS

State police send 50 stormtroopers to "arrest" a whistleblower

People live in abject fear of the cops

Why the UP? The mining companies had their own cops and the people got used to outrageous "police" procedures.

Tom , please respond to this article

If you think someone's trolling for responses, don't respond.

Anglers can troll, but fish don't have to bite.


Will, is piano your thing? Me too!

NEWS FLASH Cop violence down - they mixed up their cannabinoids with their steroids

Wouldn't that be wonderful "our" law enforcement would learn that they can now truly achieve the peace they want us Citizens to be. . . We the People. . .peaceful

they then could be the "peace' officers. . . they could be productive - and Sandra Bland would still be alive. Instead we saw the opposite, we saw destruction - wrongly done calling it "law enforcement".


You've heard of American PSYCHO , well this guy is an American SICKO. Beloved Cecil the Lion has been shot dead by US dentist WALTER PALMER of River Bluff Dental, P.A., United States ,for no other reason than the thrill of killing. Social media has erupted to this news , with a firestorm of hatred, revulsion and condemnation.

Veganism and Cecil

I couldn't agree more about Thom's views on the suffering of animals in factory farming, I grew up with a Native American grandfather and was taught respect for animals and nature. I think he would be proud of me for becoming an advocate for animals. I remember him saying to his friend that they ought to shoot anyone who killed a doe... I can only imagine what he would do to factory farmers or big game hunters!! I have to always remember that I was once a part of that animal cruelty by buying meat at a grocery.

Animal Products

To paraphrase Prof. Gary L. Francione, who once wrote "We are All Michael Vick," We are all the lion-killing dentist. Or at least, all of us who eat animal products, which involve tremendous cruelty on a mass scale.

Should Thom and others be held responsible for the murder of a Waller County official?

If that were to happen? Waller county officials are now receiving death threats.

Sometimes it Helps to See Things from a Higher Perspective

Sometimes it Helps to See Things from a Higher Perspective

Hello Mary Jane?????

Thom will they now manufacture a posession of Mary Jane?

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50 Years Later - it's time for Medicare "Part E!"

Fifty years ago, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the bill that created Medicare and ensured that senior citizens would never again have to go without life-saving medical care.

And now, it’s time to reboot – and use a very, very, very simple message so all Americans can understand it.