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Pieces of Shit Clintons demanded $500,000 “honorarium” from a small charity setup to rebuild schools after natural disasters.

Former President Bill Clinton and Petra Nemcova attend the Happy Hearts Fund Gala on June 19, 2014, in New York City.

A Friday report in The New York Times highlights another intriguing Clinton Foundation activity.

TPP - U S Job Killer

A clause in the TPP reserving funds for retraining workers displaced by the enactment of the TPP, is proof positive that the U S Congress members are certain there.will be
U S jobs lost due to TPP.

It's Treasonous to vote for TPP.


People that HATE GOVERMENT hate the fact that Government actually helps PEOPLE they think are not PEOPLE !

They also usually HATE SCIENCE because it stands up as true no matter what they think and believe and it effects everybody the same and sooner or later you have to accept it!

But these people HATE DEMOCRACY most of all because that means ALL THE PEOPLE ARE EQUAL IN VOTING and that includes some people that some think are NOT PEOPLE !

Who might THOSE people be ?

The Rich need the Patriot Act most notably to protect their financial markets against terrorist acts, and to protect against a loss of wealth from a populist up-rising by 99% of Americans.

What?! You don't mean to tell me you honestly think Obama gives a shit if terrorists inflict a big loss of life on the "little people" do you?

It's about money and wealth - period.

Economics and Richard Wolff

Always great shows with Richard Wolff

“Black on Black” Crime and Black Police Officers

It appears, to me, that many white Americans actively hunt for excuses when faced with things that illuminate them in a less than lofty light. This is astoundingly true when the issue(s) involve black Americans. For instance, the plethora of recent killings of black Americans (men in particular) is often met with two basic responses. The first of which is: “well, it’s not a black and white issue, it is… (blah, blah, blah)”. Then, comes a citation of the most obscure and anomalous event they can conjure up.

Obama Lies: TPP decimates Dodd-Frank and opens up a whole new level of Wall St Financial Crisis.

This From RootStrikers:

CampaignInfographic LOADING...No “fast track” to weaker rules on Wall StreetThe Problem


Stephen Harper's right wing conservative government protects NAZI criminals. ' Vladimir Katriuk who illegally immigrated to Canada using false documents , died in Quebec Canada on May 2015 at the age of 93. Shortly before his death the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation had called on Canada to deport Katriuk to Russia so he could stand trial for war crimes , according to the international law, the Harper government refused.

Greece vs. the US and the UK (posted on Facebook 09/09/2012)

Greece has about 8% of the population in the public sector. The US has about 7%. Of the work force, it's about 18% for Greece, 15% for the US. The Greeks have less public debt per capita than the US, and less private individual debt. Even as a percentage of GDP their debt is almost midway between that of the US (104%) and Japan (208%) at 165%. As a percentage of GDP, the UK's debt looks modest, as befits an economy Thatcher created. Actually, household debt in the UK is among the highest in the world and dwarfs Greece's by an order of magnitude.

WALK OFF the EARTH singer Sarah Blackwood KICKED OFF U.S. FLIGHT over crying son

KICKED OFF- GOOD! NO one should be allowed travel on an airline with a young toddler, unless assurances are secured that they can control their kid. I got stuck on a 13 hour flight from Vancouver to Singapore with a mum and a screaming kid, it got so bad I had to go hide in the bathroom to escape the noise. GITMO should look into this as another form of torture.

The democratic poverty trap

Higher minimum wages will lower Obamacare welfare payments, reduce food stamps, reduce Obama phones, and loer housing subsidies

Clinton Foundation Paid Blumenthal $10K per month While He Advised on Libya

Source: Politico

Sidney Blumenthal, a longtime confidant of Bill and Hillary Clinton, earned about $10,ooo a month as a full-time employee of the Clinton Foundation while he was providing unsolicited intelligence on Libya to then Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, according to multiple sources familiar with the arrangement.

Dr. Carl Hart

This is a link to an interview that Dr. Carl Hart did on Democracy Now! last year.

An informal poll

I was wondering, considering George Stephanopolis' past relationship with the Clinton's, how many of you believe George would be an appropriate choice as a moderator for any upcoming Democrat primary debates? Do you feel he could be completely impartial? I'm not going to weigh in, I just want to hear from others.

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Climate deniers are running out of excuses...

One-by-one, the excuses for failing to act on climate change are disappearing.

Earlier this month, China proved that it's possible to quickly and dramatically reduce carbon emissions. According to an analysis by Greenpeace, our planet's largest greenhouse gas emitter reduced coal use by about 8 percent in a single year.