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  • Inspection- Be a Proud Tax and Spend Liberal

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      To be clear: I don't consider myself a "liberal." Not because I have a problem with the term. Some of my opinions are more left, or liberal if you wish, some not. But I do have a problem with how terms shift in meaning over time. At one time I considered myself a proud Conservative when I thought the Bill Buckley brand: the more rational, intellectual, civil, side of that label, was the future. Now, the few times I find myself in agreement with my former more conservative self I still have a problem with that label too.

  • Money and Speech - a constitutional argument for why they are not equal and not intended to be equal.

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    1: The Constitution prevents government from taking away speech.  [under the first amendment.]

    2: the Constituion provides for the power of the government to take money from people [taxation. Article 1 section 2 clause 3. and Article 1 section  9 clause 4] [government can impose fines as well]

    Therefore: Money and speech are not equivalent. one can be abriged (money) the other cannot (speech).

  • In an urban setting Ebola is perpetual, Ebola will never burnout (as the professionals are finding out now).

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    How long does Ebola live outside the body?  No definite information is available because it has not been researched; the best hypothesis is 3 to 10 days. Fomites, if Ebola can live on a door handle for 3 to 10 days.  How many people visit a public restroom in a day (entrance door handle and then touch your face)?

    The incubation period of Ebola is 2 to 21 days. The method of transmission is direct contact with secretions.

  • Why do I have this sneaking feeling that the West is getting played by Russia

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    And that Obama is performing exactly as they want.   In the end, will America really benefit from sanctions against Russia?  Is the child killer “Nutt’n Yahoo” putting just the desired amount of str

  • Kansas v California on Tinkle Down Voodoo Economics

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    How Kansas and California Debunked the GOP's Tax Cuts Argument
    By Carl Gibson, Reader Supported News 15 July 14

    California raised taxes 30% on the rich and their economy has the 5th highest job growth and first budget surplus in a decade. By contrast, Kansas slashed taxes on the rich and their economy is tanking.

    Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer?

  • Empathy is Progressive

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    Empathy is an ability to relate to the emotions of others. Humans have a tendency to mimic the emotions of those around them. In other words, as your feelings go, my feelings go; if you feel sad, I feel sad; if you feel happy, I feel happy if you feel angry, I feel angry;; if you feel love, I feel love; if you feel compassion, I feel compasson. Being empathetic makes us emotionally sensitive and sympathetic to the world around us. Thus, it is a key to prosocial feelings which lead to prosocial behavior.


    ********  TOP SECRET  ********

    Monday, July 29, 2014 Beverly Hills, CA USA

    Attention: President OBAMA, Sir:

    ISRAEL HAMAS WAR SOLUTIONS: Below is an email that I just sent to Prime Minister Netanyahu. Please study it closely as I believe it offers an incredible amount of insight and solutions to the present crisis. Thank you.


  • What we can do.

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    Thom: tdday a caller asked what we could do to promote the agenda of the democratic party.  Well,;for the past years, my wife and I have been driving around the country with political stuff written on our car in "Grease Pencil".  We just finished a trip to Lowvillwe NY for a wedding and traveled about 1300 miles with slogans written on our car. 

  • Coming soon: The New Isolationism

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    When I talk to other folks about world affairs, I notice that a fair amount of them bemoan and criticize the wide expanse of US involvement as well as the amount of unrest and violence we see in the nightly news broadcasts.