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To mislead 99% Grifter Obama, a Democrat, to release least objectionable piece(s) of TPP Grift to Congress.

Does Obama think that if you claims a “recovery” he can justify burning off even more of the 99% economy with a trade agreement that is NAFTA on Steroids?

Boston Mayor fines an Elderly Man for not shoveling sidewalk…in a state of Emergency Snow Storm.

Boston Mayor fines an Elderly Man for not shoveling sidewalk…in a state of Emergency Snow Storm.

The elderly man was out of town attending a funeral.

In a state of an emergency with snow fall where do people throw the snow. The people are not allowed to throw the snow in the street, on someone else property… What to do with the snow?

Message from the past

“We wage war on oppression and violence. This war is a personal endeavor for peoples of good will to all. We embrace all of good will and feeling, yet reject hate and bias. Greed of power over the masses is a violent crime upon all human kind! Greed of power, money and oppression are the bane of all human kind. Those who feel such are the enemy to be laid low via the masses these deem to oppress and demean. United we may overcome, not in this battle, but in many, many more. Over the years we will lose, but the spirit of the united masses will

Time for a Republican Party name change/meme change: New name: "The Republican-Koch Coalition"

The Koch Brothers' $900 million just replaced the Party Formerly Known as Republican with a new creature that should be called the Republican-Koch Coalition.

If we can rename (and re-meme) the bankers as Banksters, why can't everyone who is offended by the Koch's 0.9 billion attempt to purchase the White House just start calling it what it really is: The Republican-Koch Coalition.

Please keep Jewels in your thoughts and prayers

She's going through a terrible series of misfortunes now.

Seriously? Ferderal Subsidies, Programs, Projects, Bailouts, ect.

I'm getting tired of hearing about how the Federal Government is subsidizing and bailing out, funding projects and programs, ect. The Federal Government is not a money making Corporation that funds these programs. The Federal Government collects monies from working class people and redistributes money, period.

So from now on, I want to hear the Corporate owned media reporting on the Taxpayer funded Subsidies, Taxpayer funded Programs, Taxpayer funded projects, and Taxpayer funded bailouts. Maybe the populous will see the bigger picture.


Americans who are constantly living in fear of terrorism thanks to a combination of the Corporate run Media and the right wing Republican party , somehow have missed the fact that they themselves are being enslaved by their own series of Govern

Social Security Disability


Why would the republicans give a heads up as to what they will do when SSI disability runs out? Why not just wait and not refund SSI disabilty when it happens??

Related topic: Would not an increase in Minimum Wage put a lot more dollars into SSI Disability? Enough to cover the deficit?

Walmart manager threatens to lynch African American worker in Richmond, CA.

This from the Color of Change:

Walmart Manager Art Van Riper threatened to lynch Markeith Washington — and he still has a job!

Net Neutrality to DIE by loophole.

Ah yes, another favorite trick of Republicans used most notoriously on Wisconsin Unions - sabotage a critical operating aspect but don't outright ban the overall practice.

Fight for the Future has put out the following bulletin:

Sue the State

I think the federal government should pass a law where people who have wrongfully had their vote suppresed can sue the State for blocking their ability to perform their civic duty.

Perhaps that would make States think twice about voter suppression laws.

Of course, I know it will never happen - too many R's would lose their seats.

PETITION: “Too stupid?” “little people?” “low life scum?” John McCain can KISS MY ASS!

(sorry not formal petition device here, just make your comment to join this blog petition)

"Low Life Scum!?" We’re not the ones smooching it up with the uber FELONS at Rio Tinto mining!?!?

And for Christ sake Kissinger gave the Chinese red army specifications on an American fighter jet!?!?!

If ever there was scum it is unequivocally JOHN MCCAIN!

With absolutely NO, ZERO, NONE, NUNCA, respect due Mr. McCain, it is time to leave public service! Maybe you can hit the road with a guitar and sing bomb, bomb iran!?!

Schools: Walker’s AB 1 is prime example of how to privatize a public program by relying on the media.

Walker’s AB 1 is a prime example of how to kill a public program in the public’s mind relies heavily on the media.

It is the same established technique used over and over that should be familiar to everyone by now and it relies heavily on the media to misinform the public and thereby dismantling wide spread resistance to the grift.

Middle of Winter and no hot water.

Less than two years ago I bought a gas Whirlpool Hot Water Heater from Lowes and it just recently hot water...pilot light was out. The LED was flashing a code of four flashes indicating an over-temperature condition. I was able to relight the pilot but the main burner would not come on when I turned the knob to any of the active positions. I checked the voltage of the thermocouple/thermopile by measuring the voltage at the two wire plug that connects to the Honeywell gas flow controller right after letting the pilot light burn for several minutes.

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The Middle Class Needs More Than Talking Points

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have been talking a lot about the middle class. But, that talk is cheap as long as their in bed with Wall Street.