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What is the adversarial process to investigate what happened in a police shooting ?

For this we need merely look at this process that was adopted by most nations of the world between 1960 through 2005.

Beginning in Scandinavian countries it quickly spread around the globe to quell government abuse of its citizens.

Barack Obama has said you cannot change the system from the inside, it can only be changed from the outside.

“Black Friday?!”: Americans filing for Unemployment jumps by massive 313,000 People last week alone.

TransCanada’s Keystone backup plan a true planet killer.

The climate game is already "GAME OVER" with Obama's and Kerry's ILLEGAL Enbridge pipeline construction of which just crossed over on to US soil. So your kids are already cooked if Enbridge isn't stopped by responsible US Politicians.

Excerpt from the Article:

“Tennessee Promise” program offers free college education.

Flat Out - An area’s educational opportunities are a HUGE determinant in where businesses choose to locate. Prospective employees, Parents, want their children to have access to the best of all possible means of upward mobility – primarily education - to ensure they have a better life. Rational businesses know this. I can’t emphasize it enough especially in our increasingly math and science oriented world. Ask any parent if they want a better life for their children than the one the

Let's Try Equal Treatment

I heard Thom ask about the possible solutions to police violence. He mentioned many examples, such as civilian review boards and increasing the number of non-white officers in non-white neighborhoods.

I seem to recall that a civilian review board was tried in Los Angeles. It had no enforcement power and failed. Since it was (not surprisingly) unpopular with the LAPD, the politicians (who need police support to get elected) could not really support the review board.

daily "poll"

each day i object to the simplistic "poll" seen on this site. it gives us two choices, neither of which usually describes my position. how about more choices, or dropping this feature, which comes embarrassingly close to a "push poll?"

i'd like to know what thom thinks of this suggestion; hard to believe my concern is just brushed aside by a believer in openness and dialog.

Who polices the police ?

A Therapist's perspective on the Michael Brown shooting

I think it’s safe to say that anger played a big role in this incident, on both sides. Anger gives anyone a false sense of power, righteousness, permission and protection. Those could easily explain many of the actions on both party’s part, actions that many of us probably couldn’t imagine ourselves doing.

Simple wealth returns

I could use thousands of pages, millions of words, trillions of thoughts to describe something so simple it needs no graphs, tables nor lectures.

Two accounts with $20 Million in each.

Account 1 is split evenly among 5 Millionaires, $4 Million into each of their accounts.

Account 2 is split evenly among 100.000 people, $200 into each of their accounts.

Please answer two questions if you would.

1. Which account split would most likely be spent in local communities and build up the economy?

Ebola Crisis is Over!

At least, that is what one would think, judging by the amount of coverage the Ebola epidemic is receiving in the media. But then, maybe there is no coverage because US Senators, Representatives, and Governors are no longer talking about Ebola. After all, the election is over and there is no need to use scare tactics and blame President Obama for the "crisis."

Ferguson: There can be no equality without economic equality.

Say whatever you want about how the exchange between Michael and the Law Enforcement Officer went down, but one thing is for sure, and that is Michael was most certainly not preoccupied at the time with the privileges and trappings that a person in a relatively upwardly mobile, middle class household has access to.

What is more, if you craft a country that alienates a demographic from a consumption based society that demographic will jump at the chance to loot, as well as express their anger with the situation.

Voter turnout

Dems sit and complain about republicans and their regressive ideals, but people have every right to be insane. The simple fact is, Democrats can't seem to be bothered enough to make it to the polls to vote. If democrats actually voted we would never elect another republican to office. I dislike republicans, but I despise non voting dems. Non voting dems are the problem, they are the lazy enablers who allow republicans to destroy....basically the earth. If you want a non violent revolution..........actually just go vote.

Obama’s Petroleum Police State making great strides, but it will only really benefit the rich.

Interesting to note that historically, time and again, in countless coutries across the globe as the petroleum industry flourishes the wages of the effected labor force erodes and erodes. And yea, we are plunging head first, all-in, for the worst possible climate scenario. It will very likely be America's last and greatest "bubble", leaving in its wake, for all intents and purposes, absolutely nothing to derive economic value from.

But so long as the corporations make money now…..meh

Too much unrest, too many failures, covering too many issues, time for Washington to act against money influence and put the 99% on a new trajectory.

Ferguson, Zuccotti, Madison, Detroit, NRA Mass Shootings, the Deepwater Horizon fiasco, our leaders and their ilk referring to us in derogatory terms, protesters arrested trying to save the planet from the Keystone Pipeline$$$, etc. etc. etc.!?!

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The world we're leaving for today's teens...

Without immediate global action on climate change, today's teenagers will be forced to live with the consequences of our inaction. The World Bank has issued their third report of climate change, and it says that global temperatures could rise by as much as 4 degrees Celsius by the time today's teens hit their 80th birthday.