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We The People herewith present to the U.S. House of Representatives, and the U.S. Senate... THE MAXIMUM WAGE ACT OF 2014... which will provide the parameters to determine said maximum wages by allocating the tax rate percentages that will be collected in each of the following levels of annual income. Please notice that the two column figures are mneumonically easy to remember and logically consistant.

New website is really awful

What happened? I really enjoyed listening to Thom's new shows every day. Now when I try to listen, it's the same show over and over. And the Advertisements keep repeating over and over, the same ads back to back. And the ads are sooo much loader than Thom's broadcast. I'm a loyal fan, but this new site really sucks.

Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong. I launch the site and click on "Listen Live Online" which gives me the worst function. Losing all patience. Help.

Letting Go of the Past

Love is Progressive Part 23: Letting Go of the Past

I spent much of my spring and summer working at my childhood home. Both of my parents passed away last year, making this quite a period of transition for me, a transition which is still ongoing.

Yeesh, ugh,...Obama to slither and slim his way to Milwaukee for Labor Day.

Don’t forget your tennis shoes to walk with Labor you fake

Latest Official UN Climate Collapse Understatement: “already dangerous” and “increasingly likely” irreversible.

What has happened to the UN? I used to think they were objective and beyond corrupting influence but I was wrong. For instance, I guess they say “increasingly likely” Climate Collapse is irreversible because they are waffling on plans to build giant hoods to put over the Atlantic, Pacific, and other oceans (as well as the Arctic) in order to catch the leaking methane. (WTF?!?!?! Note: many ideas to cure our atmosphere on a planetary scale would take too long to implement and/or would involve a scale of industriousness that would itself kill the plane

White Privilege

You know something people, I'm not black, but there's a whole lots of times I wish I could say I'm not white - Frank Zappa.

2014 IZZY Awards

When I listened to Jeremy Scahill, my heart wept for this country, and the world.

NATO's Attack On Serbia Was A Shot Across The Bow Of Russia

The U.S. has been at war with Russia since at least the bombing of Belgrade. Anyone who doesn't believe this has not studied history.


An Open Letter to Thom To Raise Caucasian Awareness of Systemic of White Supremacy and Tell the Truth About So-Called "Race"

I like your program a lot.

You are on point most of the time.

But you missed the mark recently, although I assume that you meant well and did your best.

I watched you discuss "white privelege" today.

White privelege is certainly a subtext, Thom.


UFOs have been in abundace in the skies over Phoenix lately, and it all seems to have started in the last week of May of this year.

Nancy Pelosi's money

To the man who questioned where Mrs Pelosi's money came from....she was born into it. I know...back in the '60s, my roommate dated her nephew and was often invited to the family ranch in Napa Valley. Yes, Nancy and her husband make money from real estate, perhaps by insider information as a member of congress, but no more so than Mr Boehner or any other member of congress. It is allowed. Want to close this loophole, start raising a ruckus about it until congress itself closes this very advantageous loophole to its members. Lots of luck.

Three Times the Fun

"Take the Money and Shove It" is a story of hackneyed fortunes that went bad versus a people united to live stream democracy into the future. It has all the drama of life in the gassed lane plus 3 times the fun.

Fraudulent Pretenses: Fed needs to rewrite the $16 Trillion in Loan Docs that "bailed out" the 1%

Increase the rate and accelerate the due date. Have takeover assistance standing by to flush politically connected corporate management teams (that want to file for bankruptcy) out of their jobs and out of the system.

Use the proceeds to stimulate aggregate demand on Main St - that's all you ever really need to do to truly "save" a financial institution or corporation.

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