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Last Minute Plea to DNC.

I think speaking for most, non-corporate, Democratic People on the ground that failing to put Keith Ellison in charge of the DNC will be a death blow to this party. I'm 58 years old but I speak with many young people who could be the future of a vibrant Democratic Party -- or could go off in search of a new "Bull-Moose" party that will represent US and not the Al From corporate elite. Everything hinges on electing Ellison. Without Keith Ellison the message of corporate appeasement becomes a Loser. Please Make Keith Ellison Chair. Return to our FDR/JFK/LBJ Roots.

Can we Use Trump's War on Media to Break up & Trust Bust the Big Media Corps?

It would be playing with fire but is there a strategy we could use to our advantage to push Trump into breaking up the handful of big media corporations and restore some sanity to American News? I employ scatter gun tactics and throw any wild idea at the wall to see what can stick in this fight. If there's a way to make positive use of Trump's (&, frankly, the American people's) hatred of "corporate media" we should explore the possibility. Clearly Trump, wholeheartedly, is a member of the fox cult and would never do anything to harm them but if w

Voting Via Paper Ballots - Our Answer to Voter Suppression?

I have been living in Oregon for almost four years, after living in the Midwest my entire life. During the 2016 election, I experienced (for the first time) voting via paper ballots, which I fully admit I thought was an antiquated procedure.

What to do?

What to do? Nothing? Watch another movie? Sure, that sort of response might have given Martin Luther King another year or two. And the White Rose Society...? Surely those folks ought to have gone to the movies instead. But there comes a time when the stench from the ovens...or does it? Maybe that time never comes in the land of the free and the home of the brave. That stench is wafting in from across the seas.

The RICH have come out of the SHADOWS

The rich have this century , come out of the shadows. Now powerful right wingers Americas traditional ruling class, openly use their money to push American politics to favor their will both politically and most importantly financially. Liberal wealthy pay lip service and but hang on to their cash, its no contest. The Koch brothers publicly told the world, they were prepared to spend 1000 million dollars of their own money this last election cycle to buy the election results they wanted.

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White Elephant in room, Trumps mental state psychologist's warning of Gemini presidency

Yes Gemini has issues but we are to get our hands on the controls so we do not inflict others with our negative planetary influences. With Gemini there is a problem with lack of remorse for such inflictions, most Gemini's find this there only sense of humor. Take Clint Eastwood (Gemini) the only time Dirty Harry ever cracked a smile was telling informant he would put out on streets that he was a snitch, with no compunction.

Who's Intolerant?

From David French at National Review:

Climate Change, Volcanoes and Carbon-13

Volcanoes release roughly one percent of the greenhouse gases compared
to fossil fuels. Yet, the "volcanoes are the source" argument is used
persistently by those who question or deny human-caused climate change
(eg Charles Sauer on Feb 22 2017). What is missing in the volcano argument (and Thom pointed out to Charles) is that sulfur oxides from volcanoes contribute to the sulfate aerosol masking effect. There are advocates for the enhancement of sulfate aerosols to artificially to combat climate change.

Wall is already paid for

Add up all the social security tax paid over hundreds of years by all the migrant labor and undocumented workers ...the Wall is already paid for.

Recent Passionate Interest in Planets that are Liveable

Thom. Im just wondering. With all the sudden frantic efforts and resources being put into finding other earthlike planets for colonization, is it possible that the old hoax called 'Alternative 3' which is a scheme by the elites and power brokers to colonize another planet when theyve finally ruined this one, is it possible there is actually truth to this decades old expose after all? Your thoughts please!

Hallis Mailen

Daily Topics - Thursday February 23rd, 2017

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Stop Dancing: Milo Isn't Dead!

“ doesn't matter if people love you or hate you, as long as they feel strongly one way or the other. The worst place you can be is in the middle.”

Corporations don't need more enhansed earnings.

Trump is calling for lower corporate taxes and reduced regulations to boost GDP. I have invested since 1966. During the 8 years of the Obama administration, my portfolio has quadrupled or quintuppled. This seems to indicate that corporations are doing just fine. Dividends are being paid at an average of 3%, which is a lot more than most banks. What would increase GDP would be a 90% tax on income above one million, but with a provision to income average for those few with windfall income such as lottery or sale of royalties. Restricting corporate officer i

How Do You Have Freedom If You Don’t Have Healthcare?

Unless it's replaced with something better - like single-payer - repealing Obamacare will make life miserable for millions of Americans.