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  • Obama and Japanesse PM announce INTERNET CENSORSHIP plan.

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    This just in from Tokyo:1

    Leaders from Japan and the U.S. have released a joint statement showing they fully intend to implement an Internet censorship plan that could kick whole families off the Internet.2

  • not funny

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    If, as some seem to believe, “the market” cannot function as the primary mechanism for “fighting” international conflicts then, perhaps, it is not the primary tool for fighting the domestic terrors (poverty, prison peonage, racial profiling and data-driven brutality, sexism, etc.).


  • Public Education

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    I don't always have the opportunity to listen to your show, and I'm not sure if you have had Diane Ravitch, as a guest on the show.  She has a wealth of information of what's going on with our public education.  I had the opportunity to hear her at the University of Washington last fall, and after hearing her, we all should be extremely concerned about the privatization of our PUBLIC education and publically financed charter schools.  

  • FCC’s Chairman Tom Wheeler (a former lobbyist) ENDS NET NEUTRALITY!

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    The FCC is now moving to end net neutrality.

    Send your outrage to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler by clicking here now!

  • Personhood times infinity

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     Since corporations and their surrogates lobbyists all congregate in circles in Washington. They are all persons under the  Supreme Court . Would this entitled United States government to personhood? Would this personhood lead to totalitarian rule for the oligarchs. Or would this personhood be allowed to rain in globalization and free trade that has left this country with disparity from shore to shore? Job nsecurity and food insecurity,$15 trillion worth of debt.

  • Chris Jordan's TEDx Talk Has A Message For All of Us

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    This TEDx talk has a powerful message that needs to be heard.  It really gets to the heart of the real issue which is as true for global warming as it is for the gyres of plastic in our oceans.  Please watch the entire video, but pay particular attention at 5:43, when [quote=Chris Jordan] From this perspective, maybe it is possible to see the astonishing methaphor that Midway presents.  It's like looking in a mirror at our own inability to discern what is nourishing from what is toxic--to our bodies, to our culture, to our environment and to our individual spirits.

  • Yesterday's conversation about water supplies for tar sands.

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    Hi Thom I missed that opportunity to make a strong point. One has to understand that pipelines are built with stations that can be used to clean out residue or clogs in the pipe or add water or other substances for transportation. The point I would like to make is that when the glaciers are gone and the runoff dwindles. Do the Koch brothers and Canada expect to use the natural resources of the United States, mainly groundwater pumped from our aquifers into the pipe to transport these toxic substances? It will take to barrels of fresh water to move every one barrel of the slurry.

  • Buffet Cutting Corners?: 0% of Rail Road tankers in US safe to transport oil.

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  • Is half of college a scam?

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    The debate over affirmative action got me to thinking about how important a college degree is, as opposed to no degree.

    I come from a family of acedemia and I understand the importance of BS vs BA and Masters vs Doctorate, but an associates degree is virtually worthless in today's society (nursing excluded).

    Now here is the problem.

    27% of the jobs out there require at least an associates degree, yet 47% of our workforce has an associates degree or higher.

  • A video where I state my case for Consumer Unions !!!

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    The world population must control consumption..