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Paul Ryan & Tom Cole have us covered on Zika!

In case you silly liberals weren't aware -- There is NO funding shortage to protect the health of Americans... This is an excerpt from the actual email Our Glorious Leader Paul Ryan (Munster?) just sent me (don't tell me about a "do-nothing" Republican congress. These guys are taking care of Business. And if there are no more Ebola outbreaks we should be A-OK. Tom Cole is on the case! The New War On Poverty will probably be up next, as soon as they pass the new Voting Rights Restoration bill... Vote Republic):

Volunteer for Down Ticket Candidates!

I just got back from the Eric Kingson Rally! I even got to shake Bernie's hand and told him: "Give em hell!" If you are old enough, you recognize the reference.

Regardless, last year in Boulder, Colorado, Bernie called for a new generaton to rise up and seek government and party office. The answer to the question, "Where's Bernie?" is that he is out there working to get progressives on the November ballot!

Climate Change/Migration, Overpopulation,Gross Inequality & Greed? Please Ms. Clinton.

We have a real problem. Realities which, sadly, bolster simplistic fear-based, racist “solutions”. How do we deal with a globe shrinking from climate change and unchecked overpopulation? If we can’t come up with alternative solutions, I’m afraid, we will continue falling into the very ugly trends we’re now seeing around the world.

Democratic Ideals



JUNE 24TH, 2016————————— WHAT NOW AMERICA?

The UK votes to leave the EU

THis is just craziness, bad craziness...


David Cameron has just quit as Prime Minister of the UK over his resounding defeat by the British electorate to leave the EU , European Union, a sort of super TPP. That TPP that corporatist owned Obama is trying to railroad America into.. The people of the UK were tired of being dictated too by faceless unelected bureaucrats in Brussels Belgium and they've taken their country back. The stink of his right wing corporatist leadership won't leave 10 Downing Street the PM residence ,for a few months yet.

Senator Sanders is now on the Hillary train, and we should be too..

In the past few weeks it has been difficult to listen to what could be considered as divisive rhetoric. I do not believe that anyone would denounce the unpresidented effort that Senator Sanders has put forth and the "movement" that he began, which will hopefully continue. But the blasting of the caller yesterday afternoon by Mr. Hartmann, regarding the end to the Sanders campaign requesting Progressives to follow Hillary was enough to cause me to turn off my radio. Mr.

UNITED KINGDOM votes to leave the EU

I know most Americans have no idea what or where the UK, United Kingdom is , in fact i think if you were to ask many Americans where Canada is they couldn't tell you. Most can't tell you the name of their 8 year sitting Vice President.

But here goes, for those who do know where the UK is, they just voted to leave the European Union, the EU. What has happened as a result the British currency , the Pound, is in a free fall and at this moment it has lost a very large portion of its value and right now is sitting at a 30 year low, virtually overnight.

SOME SAY accusations of TRUMP being a RAPIST are 'FISHY'

Who cares what motivates this young lady to bring these charges against Trump 20 years after the fact. Maybe she was truly afraid from the threats against her and her families lives as she has said.

If you remember this isn't that unusual, Cosby has been accused of sexual assault and rape by no less than 51 women, almost all of the accusations dating back 20 to 30 years.

How many times have you read of daughters coming forward with charges of incest and gaining convictions 20 -30 -40 years after the fact.

Inspection- The Independent Convention: A Proposal

 Every four years we suffer from the same #%$! two party primaries, the same two party caucuses, the same two party conventions.

Donald Trump RAPES no BIG DEAL

Seems Americans find the rape of a 13 year old no big deal from the reactions to my post, sprinkled with plenty of giggles from the mainstream crowd.

But hey this is America where Bill Cosby has been accused of sex assault and rape by no less than 51 women and he's still out walking the streets, making a mockery of the law with his high priced lawyers.

Selling guns overseas DOES affect domestic terrorism

If you accept the premise that some dometic terrorists of the jihadi sort act in allegiance to ISIS or whatever other group might pop up, then I do not understand how Thom can dismiss the caller that said today that our overseas arms deals are connected with domestic gun violence.

Declare the NRA a terrorist organization!

You heard me right. The NRA is clearly at the heart of the system that provides terrorists in this country, be they Islamic or Right Wing, with weapons. Without the NRA we would have more reasonable gun control, with Congress no longer beholden to the NRA's cash.

Orlando massacre and the media push for war

Every time some two bit angry rentacop or office jockey gets angry and shooting up the place, the media listens for even a mild similarity for "ISIL" or 'taliban" or alqaeda. They are the ones spinning fear to themselves in this 24-7 news cycle. Mateen seems to follow a path similar to Zimmerman. Consider their occupations. Mateen simply moved his observation phase of rentacopping into the night club. Trayvon Martin was Zimmermans thrill kill and a night club of gays was Mateens.

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