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It's Halloween, Not Holloween

Think about how these words are pronounced:
hallowed (be thy name)
("Wallow" is a special case. W tends to make following a's sound like /ah/. Compare "water" and "hater".)

Now think about how these words are pronounced:

Now, based on the pattern, how would you pronounce "Halloween"?

Climate Collapse: Multiple State Governments caught trying to hide scary Climate data from the Public.

Should government's just let their People bumble along living life as the choose to knowing full well they can't save them from climate collapse?

Is it better to let someone live peacefully as they choose, knowing they'll do from it or should governments up end it all and make their People finish their existance in a desperate, futile, and uncomfortable struggle to save themselves from themselves?

Exports: Arch Coal trying to build 20,000 acre strip mine in Montana that shits all over the Cheyenne tribe.

Ah yes, good ole dirty energy exports, the Corporations gets the profit, Washington gets to point the finger at the nation that burns it at as the “real” cause of climate change, and the People – in this and other cases the politically impoverished indigenous – pay the cost of it all. How many times has this been played out?!?

This from EarthJustice:

“Arch Coal is planning to extract 1.3 billion tons of coal from this mine to ship to the West Coast and overseas to Asia.”

Inspection- BOO!

Lucky you! Next week’s Inspection arrives early with a truly frightening big Halloween boo!

While ghouls, goblins and kids in Ebola costumes gather their riches, could gas companies, politicians and religious fanatics be plotting to gather even bigger “heavenly” rewards?


I voted today in early voting in my district. In my 42 years of voting this was by far the most complicated voting method that I have every encounter. It was ran by the Republican majority that now controls our state government. The first hurdle is filling out a form that ask if you have and ID on your person. This law does not go into effect until Jan 2016. The Republican Recent Chairman was very obnoxious and demanding of this information.


******** OPEN EMAIL ********

October 30, 2014 Beverly Hills, CA

Attention: President OBAMA, Sir: { and Thom HARTMANN et al ]

GEORGIA GOVERNMENT VOTER FRAUD: Currently more than 42,000 completed and submitted voter registration forms are still missing after falling into an administrative

Walker likely to sell State property to "cover deficit" he created.

It all smells premeditated.

And things can get much worse in Wisconsin.

Republican Lies in Advertising on your show.

While listening to the show on 880 AM here in Asheville NC, I heard two commercials for Republicans Thom Tillis (running for Senator) and Christina Merrell (running for Buncombe County Commissionaer). The negative ads boasted fallacious lies against both incumbents, Sen Kay Hagan and County Commissioner Ellen Frost and as I expected, you didn't crack wise against the ads. I understand that you're grateful for the revenue, Thom, and you expect that your listeners will parse the true from the false.

If the democrats lose ....

I have seen any number of elections over the years, but this is really the first election where I am truly worried abou the outcome. All year long we have been told the republicans are going to sweep into office throughout the country and wrest control of the senate from the democrats. This usually wouldn't bother me too much because the parties have always had a relative parity. That doesn't really exist now. Each side is becoming more and more polarized while those of us who used to be in the middle are being pushed aside. However, that is a topic for anopther day.

Jeb Bush and the Everglades

Regarding Jeb Bush and his relationship with big industry:

As President Bush was authorizing the Comprehesive Everglades Restoration Program (CERP) in 2003 which was supposed to be given $8.4 Billion in federal dollars to clean up the Everglades - his brother was approving sugar friendly legislation that allowed sugar growers a 10 year extension to continue to dump phosphates into the Everglades.

Quarantining Bad Behavior

Actually, quarantine originally meant 40 days, which should probably be the rule, unless proven otherwise. They say it takes 21 days to know if someone has contracted Ebola. But then you have the old Typhoid Mary story, which resulted in her being in quarantine for over 30 years, because she presumably continued to shed the typhoid bacteria and became a permanent risk.


What if The Government Subsidized Solar Energy Instead of Fossil Fuels?

The only thing you need to read to know who to vote for on November 4th.

Science Seance ...

It's a business. They sell Drugwar Accessories.

Our Prohibitionist Drugs Policy Isn't Working via @HuffPostUKPol

Report: Tough Drug Laws Have No Impact On Use

BBC News: No link between tough penalties and drug use

Weird Sightings on Google Earth

Here's one: Some people might think this is a ghost. What do you think? This 360Cities * photo is taken inside of the Mission la Purisima in southern California. Copy and paste this coordinate into the Google Search box, then click on Search, to take you to the Mission: 34°40'18.23"N 120°25'20.67"W Then, zoom in until you see two red icons. Click on the one that is directly on top of the Mission to go inside the Mission.

The KEY TO THE BASTILLE is displayed at Mount Vernon in the center hall.

Lafayette sent the key from France as a gift to his old friend George Washington in 1790 via Thomas Paine in Europe and John Rutledge Jr. of South Carolina. The Paris Bastille prison was the symbol of the Ancient Regime that was stormed by French Revolutionaires.

Realtes to today's (Wed. Oct. 29) discussion of the book 'The American Revolution of 1800' with author Dan Sisson.

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