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The First Epistle of Earthmann The Prophet unto Netanyahu and the Gazastinians

Dennis Allard

Labor Day

Labor Day! Whoopee! That wonderful day created to give everyone a three day holiday from that crappie job they secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) hate. For parents everywhere, it's the "official" start of the school year and chance for some peace and quiet, not to mention actually getting something accomplished around the house.

Biggest Water Contamination in U.S. History to-date!! Lejeune: Past Water Contamination - Public Health

Too little, too late: Obama always had the legal ability to take on Climate Change w/out Congress or Senate but chose not to.


Oil & Gas Industry responsible for Louisiana losing nearly 2,000 square miles of coastland and allowing Katrina to flood New Orleans.

If it were not but for the Oil and Gas Industry New Orleans would never have been flooded by Hurricane Katrina. In an effort to increase their profit the Oil and Gas Industry facilitated Katrina’s flooding of New Orleans. Leadership of the local Federal Reserve did not help the matter.

This subject of this study is also covered by “Vultures’ Picnic” by patriotic author Greg Palast.

Has anyone else been having problems with RT (no video)?

For the last week or so, I have been unable to view RT (audio only). I have contacted my internet provider, as well as Roku, and RT, and have done what Roku suggested (removing RT, unplugging the box for 12 secs, replugging the box, reinstalling RT) but still not video. It seems to either be an internal problem with RT, or else some form of censorship.

This is probably okay with Dick Cheney and George Bush though right?

James Foley and Captives held by Islamic State were water boarded.

Senior Housing Corruption

In 2008, due to the Recession, seniors (and many others) lost their employment. With the loss of employment and the arrival of poverty, many seniors (and others) were forced to move into Senior Housing or face homelessness. Despite many of us coming from a professional background, respected in the community, etc here is what we have experienced in our new housing situation.

Please Sign My Petition

95% of the judge's ruling; is made up. Its black and white and proven by the court record. Earn money and prove me wrong. Judge Donna Geck and the justices did this to keep me from one day in court t. See Please sign my petition at


Next time a politician sends you an email or asks you for money for his or her campaign tell em this, you will get my vote if and ONLY if you do your job. That's all you're going to get. You get paid to do your job just like I do. And you better be damn grateful I got it for you.

It's about the vote anyways, they can't get the money without your vote.


pass it on

“EPA Suddenly Doesn’t Have Anyone Running The Office That Protects Our Waterways”

Siberia: “End of the world” craters multiplying, each dumping massive amounts of Green House gases into the atmosphere.

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