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PETITION: EPA Mega Failure: More than 1 Billion pounds of pesticides are sprayed in North America per year.

This from Care2 Petitions;

More than one billion pounds of pesticides are sprayed in North America every year. Many have been linked to cancer and other negative health impacts. But what about the animals? The same chemicals that harm us are affecting our wildlife -- including 119 endangered species!

Jimmy Carter's Birthday


Yes, indeed, October 1st is Jimmy Carter's 90th Birthday ... and mine. (That's how I know.) It is also the birthday of Julie Andrews (79) Rod Carew of Baseball fame, Randy Quaid, Esai Morales, of NYPD Blue, and Zach Galifianakis who is 45 today.

We are Libras and our birthstone is the Opal. Happy Birthday to us!


Michael Savage is Not a Colleague, he's a racist

In the interest of civility Thom referred to Savage as a "colleague," but I find it hard to believe that he is serious. If a colleague means that he is in the same profession, then Savage clearly flunks out. The fellow is a racist, agitator and neocon whore at best, and by no stretch of the imagination of the definiton does he belong in the same profession at Thom. So let's call him what he is: disgusting! He probably uses his stage name "Savage" to avoid getting the dung he flings all over his family name.

Roberts' Court still thinks that Voting is "too convenient" for the masses.

In another of its infamous 5-4 rulings, the Roberts Supreme Court, on the day before early voting was to begin in Ohio, has decided to do away with early voting in that state. The early voting period was set aside for those "few" who actually need to show up at jobs on Tuesdays in order to feed themselves and their families - i. e., for those who are NOT wealthy. Such advantages, in the feeling of the Conservative wing of SCOTUS, are to be reserved for those who can afford to buy elections, not for those who must work for a living.


All the ills of democracy can be cured by more democracy.” Alfred Emanuel Smith (1873–1944),

“The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassinations from ambush. It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment.” Robert Maynard Hutchins (1899–1977)

Will we allow this, our democracy to slip through our fingers by not participating. Do we care? Will we vote this November? Will we rise up as citizens to make this election the most talked about election in history where 100% of eligible voters voted?

It Showed

He dropped drones on their asses,

Posted asses on the elephants. Oh, the gases.

Then elephants sat on the masses,

The masses without glasses,

Who forgot to remember our good citizenship classes.


Dehydrated modified enriched rehydrated pre-ingested ingestion products for hungry on the go lifestyles. Remember our motto is - The Stuff of Business Fits Into Any Size Bag.


New Economy and New Prosperity

The idea that the economy must be embedded in the normative order of society underlay the whole political economy of classical authors around Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill and Thomas Robert Malthus... In the current debate, there is a great chance to develop a new economic model...

Obama’s American Petroleum Police State spurring deadly growth in GDP and lulling those who don’t participate in it into a false of prosperity.

The predator state says, if you can't take anymore out of their pockets, then take it out of their Commons.

And the Commons, that cost component of GDP that isn’t measured, has already suffered heavy losses and is now depleted way past the point that is reasonably prudent.

With The Stroke Of The Pen

In 1933, as part of the government’s response to the Great Depression, Congress enacted the Buy American Act (the 1933 Act). The 1933 Act provides that: (1) only articles, materials, and supplies mined, produced or manufactured in the United States can be used for public projects; and (2) all contractors for public construction projects in the United States must use only domestic materials.

More on California Beach Access

I did not directly respond to Tom's on-air query today asking whether every beachfront property owner should be required to provide access to a given beach.

By my limited understanding, the California Coastal Comission is charged with assessing a beach environment in its entirety as well as considering individual property rights. Here, it seems the owner's property encompases at least the northerly half (if not all) of a very large, sandy beach cove with no land access other than through the owner's property.

lifesize: kansas leads

the right wing has had its way in kansas, with gov. brownback putting his pet theories into action: cutting way back on taxes and services.

recent news from kansas shows his policies have disappointed kansans, who found they MISS lost services.

ALL theories sound pretty good 'til they're implemented. and as a class, "leaders" tend to be shameless braggarts, self-important and deluded; a general wariness of the pronouncements of v.i.p.'s is a step toward freedom of thought, of wisdom.


If voting is not important, if voting is to be shrugged off like it was no big deal why is this going on?

This is fact:

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