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Hi Thom,

inBloom and Ravitch

As the former inBloom state coordinator for Colorado, Diane Ravitch is incorrect in the idea that student data was going to be given to companies and that student data was going to be accumulated over time.


A lack of political will is why we have a Supreme Court that has brought about buying politicians and brought this country to an oligarchy! - Thom Hartmann

Wanted: Ebola Czar---No Medical Experience Required

Approximately 15 countries have now restricted travel into and out of countries affected by the Ebola virus; most of these are in surrounding African nations. 7 airlines, including Air France, British Airways, Emirates Airlines, and Korean Air, have restricted air travel as well. Why?

Is Obama’s striving to make us “Saudi America” or the next “Petroleum Police State” in response to Global Warming wise?


He may as well try to reduce unemployment and stimulate the economy by paying everyone to dig their own graves and then die.

Inspection- Most Economic Talking Points are a Load of…

Talking Point #1: The rich and big business owners are the job creators.
Talking Point #2: The poor are job creators.
Talking Point #3: The market regulates itself.
Talking Point #4: Government regulation will solve it.

Ebola: Obama characterizes Main St’s fear over his CDC’s asinine travel approval as unjustified “hysteria”

Aloof, detached, arrogant, callous, and a Democrat.

The American People need to find a way to charge the ebola deaths his incompetence has fueled with negligent manslaughter. Especially since he lied to get into office in the first place.

We must hold our politicians and executives Personally Responsible for their acts against the quality of American Society.

Joe the plumber no longer works at Jeep

Joe the Plumber no longer works at Toledo Jeep. Apparently Joe either quit or has been fired as a Temporary Part Time worker for alleged absenteeism. He has been seen in Idaho stumping for Replublicans earlier in October. Joe's self proclaimed work ethic left him down after working less than ten months on the factory assembly line. I imagine ole Joe has a new respect for what Union factory workers do year after year.

Dear President Obama

Dear President Obama, Please stop taking hits on behalf of secretive multinational CEOs. For example, I have no doubt that CEOs have been calling your office, screaming that a travel ban would damage trade relations for years to come, and right now multinational corporations are in serious competition with China for control of markets and natural resources in Africa. What do you do? You let them promise that they would be "ever so grateful" if you would stand up and take the hit re: the travel ban.


Your Vote Matters

posted by mary anne radmacher

obnoxious loudmouth conservative!

i've been watching all of Thom's shows for many years, and believe he is the most rational, articulate, and intelligent host in talk radio and TV. Lately, the Big Picture's diatribes by Conservatives have caused me to viscerally feel pain as they attempt to dominate the "debate" with loud filibusters. I'm not sure what the answer is, but I need to turn the TV off to calm my feelings. I am frustrated by the delays in controlling the guests' inappropriate behavior.

FL's Rick Scott, Edwin O'Connor's klutzy Kevin McCluskey of "The Last Hurrah" lives again.

Perhaps some of you are as old as I, in my early sixties, and remember one of Spencer Tracey's best political movies, "The Last Hurrah," based on a fictional novel about the demise of Boston's legendary "Mayor of the Poor," James Michael Curley, by Edwin O'Connor. I wonder what hizzoner, James Michael himself, would be saying if he was around to watch Florida's reborn version of Kevin McCluskey in the person of Rick Scott.

The book of Enoch

The follow is few things from the book of Enoch very much at the center of the beginnings of modern Christianity but was omitted for some reason during the council of nicea:The book of Enoch :Woe to those who build iniquity and oppression, and who lay the foundation of fraud; for suddenly shall they be subverted, and never obtain peace. Woe to those who build up their houses with crime; for from their very foundations shall their houses be demolished, and by the sword shall they themselves fall. Those, too, who acquire gold and silver, shall justly and suddenly perish.

Is the end of riseing productivity the trigger for the crash of 2016?

At some point people are not going to be able to do more. we already may have reached that point and mechanazation is hiding that fact. business models are based on ever increasing profits. no profit - no investment - business fails. Maybe someone wilth more of a ability to express themselves will get what i am trying to say and flesh this out. It looks like a big bubble to me.

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California is already dealing with the worst drought in that state's history. So, the last thing residents needed was to learn that some of their dwindling water supply has been contaminated.