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Mark Pocan is the consummate two-faced career politician and corporate democrat who needs to leave politics.

Let’s be clear, it is a well-known fact that ALEC doesn’t care about social issues like the “gay agenda” to the extent they don’t interfere with profit. Wisconsin’s and the nation’s gay community doesn’t need Mark Pocan “playing ball$” or otherwise in Washington.


Americas number one, in mass shootings. In the first 274 days of 2015, the United States has seen 294 mass shootings of 4 or more people, more than one a day. That brings the death toll from 4 or more mass shootings to well over 380 with a over a 1000 injured.

In the much broader everyday shootouts in America , 10,000 Americans have gunned down each other on the mean streets of America, 10,000 killed and another 20,000 wounded, this in a blaze of 40,000 gun violence incidents so far in 2015.

New Hampshire Police use our freedoms against us..."Repent" photo click - ticket!

Did you see the new report about an undercover police officer posing has a "Panhandler" and holding a sign, "Repent the end is near"?

Enforce the law is good, but to use a person's trust in their religion to trap them into violating the law is not okay.

New York Post: “Secret Service agents: Hillary is a nightmare to work with”

“‘Good morning, ma’am,” a member of the uniformed Secret Service once greeted Hillary Clinton.

“F— off,” she replied.

That exchange is one among many that active and retired Secret Service agents shared with Ronald Kessler, author of “First Family Detail,” a compelling look at the intrepid personnel who shield America’s presidents and their families — and those whom they guard.


In this country over recent decades, in the political power struggle between victims of gun violence and firearms manufacturers, obviously the gun lobby wins like everytime.


Okay, so they like never reference a [local] weather forecast? Because, yes, it is in part based on observations. But also it is based on science (i.e., meteorology; the interdisciplinary study of the atmosphere)

    Inspection- Shooting Off My Digital Mouth About Shootings

    Another week, another shooting, and more useless suggestions that will never, ever, happen. May I offer one more? Of course you can, Ken! Are you sure? Sure, but no one will listen, everyone will poo poo it. That's OK. OK? Yes, OK. OK
     Aren't you glad we (?) settled that?


    A reasonable gain in procuring measures to constrain the use or commission of guns rests in the hands of peace officers, who display the appropriate, reasonable understanding that its status should convey entirely 'peace officer'.

    “White on White” Crime: America, The Happiest Place On Earth

    Like an endless loop of old re-runs, here we go again. Yesterday, in Umpqua, Oregon, yet another deranged white boy takes it to other white people. However, no talk of “white on white” crime. In fact, it seems that the only group of people that have such a racially designated criminalistic are black people. Despite the fact that most people, in the United States, are murdered by members of their own ethnic group “black on black” crime is unique, and ubiquitous, in its terminology. I wonder why?

    Democracy Entails Drawing Distinctions - Attack Mrs. Clinton!!

    I am sick of people standing down in the fight to support Bernie Sanders, because they are afraid that sometime down the road something they say might damage Mrs. Clinton's chances of victory. Please stop it. If Mrs Clinton wins the primary, and faces a Republican, do you think for a minute that anything factual will matter a bit in such a depressing contest???

    Winning the primary for Sanders is essential to saving this country. Stop fretting about collateral image-damage to people who do not deserve the office or our support.

    Force Corporate "Persons" to Declare Citizenship!

    If corporations are people, they should be forced to declare their citizenship. If they declare themselves to be citizens of the United States, they should be taxed fully on all profits made here in the United States. If they do not--if they claim to be citizens of any other country--then they are denied access to our State Department & military.

    NRA Umpqua, OR: Numb?! No! More like resigned to the fact that there will be more shootings until you lurid assholes in Washington give us Campaign Finance Reform.

    Speaking for myself, I’m not numb to NRA facilitated shootings as much as I am resigned and deeply sadden by the fact that the People can’t do anything about it with our moneyed government.

    Drawing a Different Line

    After an American mass murder, many gun owners immediately seek to identify with the criminal, expressing the desire not to have their guns taken away, because they're law-abiding citizens. This happens even when the murderer was not a gun owner (e.g. the Newtown shooter, who stole the guns he used from his mother), but merely a gun carrier. But without even gun ownership to connect them, why do they put themselves on that side of the line?

    Obama's Telling The Truth About Gun Violence


    Shouldn't it disgust more of us that the President had to say this one word, "routine".."

    Hell's bells ... Or have we lost our ability to feel this much? Pres. Obama said he "hopes and prays that he wouldn't have to come out again" to discuss another shooting like todays. Let us all bow our heads n' kneel with the President on this. All of us.

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    "The market has become tilted..."

    It seems like the most popular word in this election cycle is 'inequality,' but we need more than talk to narrow the great divide between the haves and have-nots in our nation.

    According to a recent article by former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, the pro-corporate elite have rigged the system against us, and it's going to take the majority of us standing together to change the system.