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Thursday, Mar. 26, 2015

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In for Thom today...please welcome progressive talkers Danielle & Shane-O

Hour One: Net neutrality...the fight continues - Timothy Karr, Free Press

Hour Two: Why you really need to care about ag-gag laws - Josh Balk, Humane Society of the United States

Hour Three: Turning up the heat on TPP Fast Track... Lori Wallach, Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch

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Join Me at Sister Giant 3 - A Revolution of Love!

If you'll be in L.A. this weekend (March 28-29) join me at SisterGiant3 presented by Marianne Williamson...I'll be speaking on Saturday together with (former) Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) - for tickets and information go to