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It's Election Day - Win some – lose some...

It’s Election Day – and there are several important issues up for vote around the nation. At the top of the list is the fate of SB-5 in Ohio – the law passed by state Republicans to strip public sector workers of their rights to collectively bargain. According to polling – the harsh anti-union law is headed for repeal today – as majority of Ohioans are against the war on labor and think Governor Kasich overstepped his man

Occupy Wall Street is bringing down the big banks..

According to the Credit Union National Association – or CUNA – more than 650,000 people have moved their money into local credit unions across the nation in just the last 4 weeks – coinciding with the rise of Occupy Wall Street – and Bank of America’s decision to set up a $5 debit card fee…a decision the bank has since backed down from.

Revolt against a system that only benefits the top 1 percent...

Tens of thousands of people flooded the streets of Oakland yesterday to participate in Occupy Oakland’s call for a general strike. Banks, businesses and schools across the city shutdown – with about one-fifth of the city’s teachers skipping school to participate in the strike – the first of its kind in a major city in 65 years. As evening fell, roughly ten thousand patriots marched to the Port of Oakland. The peacef

Things are getting very interesting in Oakland

Correction: The Oakland Longshoreman have not agree to participate in the national strike but do support the goals of Occupy Oakland.

'In God We Trust' instead of Jobs....

Republicans are continuing to ignore the jobs crisis. There are no votes on the schedule in the House of Representatives to pass any portion of President Obama’s American Jobs Act – or any other legislation to put Americans back to work. Instead – House leadership is demanding a vote to ensure that “In God We Trust” remains the official national motto. Even though nobody is trying to change the national motto – Repu

Occupy the Courts - we now have a corporate judiciary!

The best courts that money can buy. According to a new report released by several voting rights groups – corporate special interests organizations are spending huge amounts of money to influence state supreme court elections.

The recovery rooted in wiping out the last of the Middle Class – and that is not sustainable

The U.S. economy appears to be recovering. Not only did the economy grow at a 2.5% rate during the last quarter – but also GDP in America has finally reached the level seen before Bush’s Great Depression. But ask the average out-of-work American, or the average family that can’t afford soaring healthcare premiums – or to fill their car up with gas – and it sure doesn’t look like the economy is recovering.

The New Gilded Age in America is upon us...

Occupy Oakland demonstrator – and Iraq War veteran – Scott Olsen is still in a hospital in serious condition with a fractured skull after being hit in the head with a tear gas canister during Tuesday’s night police assault on Occupy Oakland. In solidarity – demonstrators returned to the streets last night – and this time police left their military tactics at home. The movement marched to San Francisco across the Bay Bridg

#OWS - They may find some success w/shutdowns - but they won’t find success trying to kill off an IDEA

For a second night in a row – Oakland police resorted to tear gas and rubber bullets to put down the Occupy Oakland movement – which refuses to step down. Late last night – officers in riot gear confronted hundreds of Occupy Oakland demonstrators in front of City Hall – and used canisters of tear gas to clear the crowd. That was just the beginning though – as demonstrators reconvened after each clash with police – only to

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