On the Program - June 17th 2008

On the Program - June 17th 2008

Hour One  -  Stephen P. Halbrook www.independent.org  Topic: Gun debate...why would the founding fathers oppose a gun ban?

Guest: Anthony Romero  www.aclu.org  

Hour Two  -  Rick Perlstein www.rickperlstein.org  Topic: In his book Nixonland, Perlstein argues that Nixon was the "grandfather of today's politics of hate"

Hour Three  -  Gov. Don Siegelman www.donsiegelman.org  Topic: update on his case

Guest: Senator Mike Gravel  www.gravel2008.us   Topic: New book on his political career "Political Odyssey"


GOP convention button asks, ‘If Obama is president…will we still call it the White House?’

A booth at this weekend’s Texas Republican convention sold buttons asking, “If Obama Is President…Will We Still Call It The White House?”


Call Tina Benkiser - Republican Chair of Texas Republicans at 512-477-9821