FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Thom Hartmann Program Moves to the Capital

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Thom Hartmann Program Moves to the Capital

New York, September 23, 2010. The internationally syndicated Thom Hartmann Program is moving its base of operations to Washington, DC,  from Portland, OR.  Starting in October, Hartmann will be broadcasting his show from the nation's capital, building out a brand new radio and TV studio in a space contiguous with Talk Radio News Service.

 "This is a great opportunity for us, broadcasting from the belly of the beast," said Hartmann. "For a political talk show it doesn't get any better, and we're also very excited to have access to the extraordinary news resources of TRNS, which have been a part of our  show for nearly eight years."

About The Thom Hartmann Program

The Thom Hartmann Program, now in its eighth year, is syndicated by  the Dial-Global, Pacifica, and Free Speech TV networks. It's carried  on more than 130 terrestrial radio stations and cable TV systems, as well as American Forces Radio, both Sirius and XM, and simulcast as live television on both DirectTV and Dish Network.


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Great! You'll be right next

Great! You'll be right next door to the Heritage Foundation -- you can have their Senior Fellows just walk on over and have a chat in the studio!

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Louise, Thom -- great move

Louise, Thom -- great move for America! -- not much fun for the cats.... Be sure to check the record of the airline with pets if you must check. Consider having a trusted friend fly on a separate flight with one of the cats so that none of the kats are ever unattended by someone you absolutely have confidence in.

Take three flights if need be.

Good Luck and try to check none of them!!!

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The news of your move to DC

The news of your move to DC is very exciting!  The east coast will likely be tolerable with you and Louise here.  When you are ready to come up to the Gettysburg NMP for a guided tour let me know :-)  Best of luck with the move.

Have been listening to you on

Have been listening to you on XM and also podcast your show. Moving  your show to DC will be great. Now if we could only get you on local radio in Northeast Ohio I would be in heaven.

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We'll miss you in PDX Thom. 

We'll miss you in PDX Thom.  DC is going to be a lot more convenient for you in a lot of ways, so I don't blame you.  Good luck to everyone!

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I'm so excited to see you

I'm so excited to see you heading east! You'll be in the heart of it all.

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Welcome new neighbors! 

Welcome new neighbors!  That's interesting because I've been interested in moving/retiring from DC to Portland someday.  DC is nice though... lots to do.  You'll be here in time for the Colbert/Stewart rallies.  It also appears to be stinkbug season.. a new phenomenon.. mainly up in MD though; in DC you don't see too many of them

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Thom, Louise, Shawn, etc --

Thom, Louise, Shawn, etc -- We Oregonians will miss you! Including your two ducks!

But good for you to enter the belly of the beast and innoculate them against facile, self-serving dangerous ideas! Your show demonstrates the effectiveness and need of a "we society". Sorry to see you go but a smart move for you and this country.

Last night I got back from taking a bed to my son in Vancouver, BC, and listened to a week of the Thom Podcast -- great stuff! (I had avoided listening to much of your show last week just so I could hear it all at once -- made the miles go by very fast. Super!)

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  Yay, Thom!   You are needed


Yay, Thom!   You are needed in DC. You are the true intellectual heavyweight for progressives. You are a sane, intelligent, classy, advocate for liberals (Kind of like the counterpart to Michael Medved, but you are even nicer than he is)

Louise is one lucky lady....I only can hope to find a man as handsome and enlightened as you....though I am sure she is pretty special since you married her.

Best of luck, have a safe move, and cannot wait to hear you from DC!

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Nice move but you are going

Nice move but you are going to miss Portland.

On the move, I haven't been able to get any podcasts and no response from the web guys.  Are you having a problem with the podcasts?  The last ones listed in iTunes is 9/30.  I need them for my drive to work and the gym.

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Congrats on the move, Thom

Congrats on the move, Thom and Louise! We miss you in "ADD Land" but are thrilled to see you and hear you in the world of politics.

Hugs from Michigan!