Daily Topics - Thursday February 24th, 2011

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Hour One: Latest on the war on Labor - Jon Nichols, The Nation Magazine

Hour Two: What's so wrong about the President's DOMA decision? Dan Gainor, Business and Media Institute / Plus, Geeky Science Rocks - "The Science of Kissing" - Sheril Kirshenbaum

Hour Three: Will skyrocketing food prices cause the next global crisis - Dr. Laurie Garrett - Council on Foreign Relations / Plus, why are we spending more on defense than any other nation? Professor Stephen M. Walt - Foreign Policy Magazine / And, PDA expands to Arizona! Tim Carpenter - PDAmerica


gerald's picture
gerald 5 years 10 weeks ago

Fair and Balance

From my posts you know my thoughts on Bush. But, I must be fair and balance at times even for a person whom I believe is a mass murderer and a war criminal. Here is one quote he spoke that was the truth and the whole truth. Take time to reflect on this quote.


Bush calls his lies, propaganda, and I call his lies what they are LIES.

Machineman's picture
Machineman 5 years 10 weeks ago

I just called Ians Pizza (http://www.ianspizza.com/) on State Street in Madison, WI - a few blocks for the Capital. They have brought staff from out of state to help with the orders. Donate in $20 Blocks (I gave two blocks) - one block buys (and delivers) one large Pizza to the Capital. This feeds 8 hungry people. They take them up as the protestors need them (and this is great pizza - I live in Madison)... I can't go up there (I will be fired), but I can send them food!



WendyBluEyez's picture
WendyBluEyez 5 years 10 weeks ago

For those out there with iPhones or iPods, Thoreau's Civil Disobedience is available in iBooks for free. Worth checking out.

Pablito's picture
Pablito 5 years 10 weeks ago

Here is your Prez promising to walk the line with us,union peoples.

Well,that was a lie just like everything else that came out of his mouth.


gerald's picture
gerald 5 years 10 weeks ago


America and Americans need balance in their existence and lives. A car is important and so is mass transportation. Oil driven cars are important and so are electrical cars. Humane American corporations are important and so is a humane federal government. The American military is important for defense but not for offensive aggressions. We need to read fiction and non-fiction books AND WE MUST READ THE HOLY BIBLE BECAUSE THE BIBLE IS GOD’S LOVE LETTER FOR YOU AND ME. Work is important and so is leisure time and rest. A salary is important and so is the enjoyment for our labor. Idealism is important and so is realism. Balance is necessary for a viable country and people.

If you have any doubt that the Holy Bible is God’s love letter for you and me, please read Matthew 25:31-46! When you do it to the least of my brethren, you do it for me and read Matthew 5:1-12! The Beatitudes! These verses in the Bible are words of love. Love is wanting and wishing the best for another person or persons. God wants and wishes the best for you and me.

speedbird9's picture
speedbird9 5 years 10 weeks ago

I prefer the more cautionary words of Matthew 7:15: Beware of false prophets who appear in sheep's clothing for inwardly they are ravening wolves.

And the first part 7:16: By their fruits ye shall know them...

cmoore68's picture
cmoore68 5 years 10 weeks ago

Corporations have already figured out how to get around US ports on the west coast by using Mexican and Canadian ports. Not only do they get the benefit of our stronger dollar, they also take advantage of M and C having lower import tariffs. When was the last time you bought anything "Made in Canada"? Yet Canada maintains a trading surplus with the US. Take athletic shoe, US imposes a 20% tariff while Canada only charges 18%. NAFTA allows the shoe company to then bring the shoe across the border for free.

Corporations offset taxes with foreign tariffs while the US collects no tariffs on goods sold in this country. And, Boehner says the government doesn't have a revenue problem.

cmoore68's picture
cmoore68 5 years 10 weeks ago

Conservatives have the answer to global food concerns...privatize everything so only the wealthy can afford housing, food and healthcare. Attrition will take care of the problem.

mathboy's picture
mathboy 5 years 10 weeks ago

Not to pick on her alone, but Laurie Garrett should know, "coup de grace" is /koo-duh-grahss/, not /koo-duh-grah/. I bring it up because I hear that mistake a lot. The latter pronunciation would be interpreted as "coup de gras", which means "fat blow", so, you know, you definitely want to avoid that.

Erik300's picture
Erik300 5 years 10 weeks ago

Why doesnt anybody ever mention the 800 lb gorilla in the room. The TAX CUTS ON THE RICH investor class is what is driving up the price of commodites.

When all the wealth goes to the upper 1% they gamble with it. They are gambling on the commodities right now. Oil went to $140 / barrel in 2008 on pure speculation.

cmoore68's picture
cmoore68 5 years 10 weeks ago

Wow! Thom just restated my last post.

j.sea's picture
j.sea 5 years 10 weeks ago

Challenge FoxFake to publicly sign the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics if they are indeed a "news" outlet, not an opinion outlet:

The Code is available at the Society of Professional Journalists website:

And/or publicly sign the Code of Ethics adopted by the Radio Television Digital News Association:


notirrelevant 5 years 10 weeks ago

History, please! What are the precedents for the right to collective bargaining? Supreme Court decision(s)? Was it Taft-Hartley (did it take that long?)? Or is it just the passage of time?

Our local newspaper is full of editorials about how the Constitution doesn't give workers this right, but apart from 1st amendment guarantees of right to petition the government (not corporations or employers) for redress of grievances, I can't think of anything else in the Constitution that covers this.

Thanks anyone!

mathboy's picture
mathboy 5 years 10 weeks ago

Of course there's a silver lining to the Wisconsin situation. The Republicans can win only by not revealing what they are. But the anti-union bill and Scott Walker's prank phone call have shown it.

gerald's picture
gerald 5 years 10 weeks ago

@speedbird9, those cautionary words are still part of God's love letter for you and me. If we would truly live by the Bible, we would have justice and peace in the world. God's love letter for the world is to have all of us working together.

As a side note, I enjoy Kevin Zeese's emails.


gerald's picture
gerald 5 years 10 weeks ago

I have crazy in-laws and so I am trying to inform myself of some Islam terms.


gerald's picture
gerald 5 years 10 weeks ago

Thomas Woods, Jr. recently wrote in the American Conservative that military spending is parasitic as it feeds off the economy rather than grows it. The scale of resources used by the military is exorbitant, Woods writes: “To train a single combat pilot, for instance, costs between $5 million and $7 million. Over a period of two years, the average U.S. motorist uses about as much fuel as does a single F-16 training jet in less than an hour. The Abrams tank uses up 3.8 gallons of fuel in traveling one mile. Between 2 and 11 percent of the world’s use of 14 important minerals, from copper to aluminum to zinc, is consumed by the military, as is about 6 percent of the world’s consumption of petroleum. The Pentagon’s energy use in a single year could power all U.S. mass transit systems for nearly 14 years.”

gerald's picture
gerald 5 years 10 weeks ago

There was a television series and it may been the one where Joe Friday would say, "Give me the facts, just the facts." I believe that Americans want truthful facts in order to make the right decisions.

rydek2000's picture
rydek2000 5 years 10 weeks ago

Can anyone post the names of stores to purchase water for our protesters? Thank you.

Lisa Downie's picture
Lisa Downie 5 years 10 weeks ago

IMPEACH Governor Walker. I thought he was elected to representative the common people. And this is supposed to be democracy. I belong to a union. I work for Macy's. They are doing everything they can to go around the union and it is ugly. Many employees had issues recently and we got together to speak to the union. They have been finding new ways to harass us ever since. Perhaps you can do a show on that. We were told by the union representative that without the union we have no rights whatsoever. The company can do just about anything it wants to non-union employees. To say that collective bargaining is going to be the cause of thousands of layoffs is a total twisting of the truth and a means of threatening the people. To ignore all these people protesting in a democracy, Walker is no better than the likes of Ghaddafi. I wish you would have more serious, intelligent people on your debates. The NRA guy and Mr. T.J. sound like idiots. The election of Mr. Obama has brought out the hidden side of the republicans. The public debate is showing just how ignorant these guys can be. I actually thought they were trained lawyers or something close to that. Some of them breathe rascism.

One question I would like to see debated: Why can't the United Nations send troops to Libya? Are the governments of the world just going to sit by and watch on TV as this Ghaddafi massacres his people. The UN sends troops to other places like Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq and God knows where else. Do they care about the men, women, and children that are being massacred. Shame on America and the world goverrnments for not helping the people.

I don't see how the Republicans think they can win when they are so blatantly for the rich. I guess they will pull the election by using their money. IMPEACH THE GOVERNOR FOR not representing the wishes of the people who elected him.

jack50's picture
jack50 5 years 10 weeks ago

What about the dens leaving the state nobody talks about the process of government. All you libs should be talking about that also, it is only a process when it fits you and the chosen ones agenda. You need to stop talking out of both sides of your mouth.
Get a clue!

Republicans have Rejected the Republican Party

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The pundits never saw this coming, but they should have. The Republican Party has been running a scam on its base for decades now, and voters were bound to discover this scam sooner or later.

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