Daily Topics - Monday October 10th, 2011

Daily Topics - Monday October 10th, 2011

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Hour One: Happy Genocide Day

Hour Two: Keynes v. Reagan...how do we kickstart the economy?  Stephen Moore, Wall Street Journal

Hour Three: Did conservatives try to incite a riot in DC over the weekend?  Dennis Trainor, Jr., October2011


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You know, the right wingnuts

You know, the right wingnuts wouldn't spend all that time and money to try to bring down the 99%ers if they weren't worried.

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Thom, What is this story

Thom, What is this story about?  "Sex Drugs and rock n roll at Occupy Wall Street".  used condoms and open sex everywhere??? i find this very hard to believe.  http://www.ktlkam1150.com/cc-common/news/sections/newsarticle.html?feed=104668&article=9229145 


Monday, October 10, 2011Sex, drugs, and unsanitary conditions common at Occupy Wall Street protestsIf one were to walk through the Wall Street protests they would find drugs being used openly, people have sex wherever they want, and unsanitary living conditions.

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Stephen Moore forgets that we

Stephen Moore forgets that we have wars going on now, and in fact we've really had a wartime economy since the 1960s, when the military-industrial complex developed.

At the Port Townsend Film

At the Port Townsend Film Festival this year there was a movie called "Better This World" about two kids from Midlan TX who's small group got infiltrated by a so-called revolutionary, an FBI informant, who entrapped them during the 2008 Republican National Convention.  He convinced them to build some homemade bombs, which they had no intension of using, then turned them in.  One of the young men is still in prison as a terrorist!  I was shocked at the level of riot police present at the convention. 

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See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pennsylvania_Mutiny_of_1783 on why the Constitution allowed the creation of a capital district.

I can't defend any particular actions of Christopher Columbus, but the reason he (rather than Leif Erikson, for example) gets credit for discovering the New World, is simply that he was responsible for making Europe aware of it, although that point itself is probably debatable.