A Socialist wins the French Presidency, and Greece is likely to quit the Eurozone

In votes across France and Greece over the weekend – Europeans sent a very clear message to the technocrats and banksters choking them with trickle-down austerity. That message was, “No more!” In France – Socialist candidate Francois Hollande – who campaigned against austerity – defeated Conservative President Nicholas Sarkozy in elections on Sunday. In his victory speech, Hollande told the French people that “austerity can no longer be the only option” and that his mission is to now, “give the European project a dimension of growth, employment, prosperity…and a future.”

Already – Hollande’s pro-growth agenda has received support from other European leaders and could signal the beginning of the end of German-induced austerity in Europe. The same is the case in Greece, where the two ruling parties supporting austerity only won 32% of the Sunday’s vote – as the Greek people instead opted for far-left and far-right parties that were opposed to more trickle-down austerity and bailouts.

Now – the future of Greece and the Eurozone is once again uncertain – as the Greek Parliament is unlikely to sign off on another round of bailouts next year to prevent Greece from defaulting and leaving the Eurozone. Financial analysts in Europe are now putting the odds of a Greek exit from the euro at 75%. Stay tuned – the battle between democracy and technocracy is just beginning.


SalmonNationWoman's picture
SalmonNationWoman 4 years 41 weeks ago

RICO racketeer influencedd and corrupt organization

John Defalque's picture
John Defalque 4 years 41 weeks ago

I wonder if I should move to Quebec, we seem to accept a lot of austerity here in western Canada.In Quebec, they have been rioting for the last 3 mos straight.The Fiberal govt has been raising tuition for many years in BC and there's just a little protest, but when the Fiberals do it in Quebec, where rates are lowest in the nation, there's a storm of angry sustained massive protests.

TCW's picture
TCW 4 years 41 weeks ago

The holocaust that the American news agency's assurd us would happen if this scary, neo-marist, socialist commie got elected in France did not happen after all.

And I sold all my assets last week.

adikarya's picture
adikarya 4 years 41 weeks ago

This is what we need in the US. Riots, protests, organized units with a purpose and we need strong people in our views to, as Thom says, infiltrate our government. Where can I move that I can actually afford to finish college?

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 4 years 41 weeks ago

Merkel says economic growth cannot be based on government, "debt,"..... what she fails to say or understand is that economic growth can be stimulated by government spending, "investing," in job creation. This in turn will reduce government debt. I suggest she give Paul Krugman a call or crack a history book!

The French and Greek people just voted to end, "The Merkozy Austerity Plan," a plan designed to cover up the global bankster crimewave by shifting blame and responsibility to hard working people. I see no reason for the rest of Europe not to follow, not to mention, "We The People," here in the US come Nov. Hey Tea Party, the Kochs don't need your damn help, vote progressive and help yourselves instead!

No surprise that our corp media is freaking out about the elections. I keep hearing how the markets will tumble and there goes your 401k etc. Of course the word SOCIALISM is tied in to all of this bull. I don't recall a media freakout when the commodity futures modernization act was passed or when glass-steagall was repealed...the deregulation that spawned much of this criminal action to begin with. How about a media reaction to the ongoing trickle down lie...hand out more tax cuts to the Romneys we can always layoff a few more teachers and cops......you know, those union people!

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 4 years 41 weeks ago

What's in your underwear?

Trickle down economics or C4? How about wag the dog politics based on yet more false flags? As the world's failed capitalist useful idiots that were once elected as leaders are being ousted for more left-leaning ones...and setting a very good example for the rest of the world...especially the US...what else but a good psy-ops scare of yet another round of "terrorism". Anyone yet sense that all of the recent scare stories that the "Goebels" news services are pelting us with is a timely machination to keep us afraid...very afraid? Is Al Qaida really a branch of the CIA? Scare stories of losing our 401k or stock valuations might work on some people but others have wisely cashed in their 401ks or sold their stocks and may not be as malleable. Their message, of course, is to keep their smoke-and-mirrors, shuffle-the-pea delusion system going just a little bit longer so that those who are squeezing the believers can squeeze even harder...."good to the last drop". Bow down before your overlords people, they have proven themselves very masterful at deceit and delusion. The Koch-roaches have won. What's that? Revolution is in the wind? Maybe there is hope yet. Break out the Guillotines boys we gonna have a party!

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 4 years 41 weeks ago

I love this new socialist president...... By the way, "socialist" doesn't mean communist in this case. In France even the communists are pretty moderate. A socialist in France is comparable to a Social Democrat. Meanings are different in many nations, as "liberal" means something entirely different in other countries. So stop panicking righties : France isn't gonna go communist.

Well, the new socialist president Hollande said something about improving Europe, but I don't think he would want to do away with the Euro, or other achievements in the EU. This would be crazy.

I hope this new guy is going to come across as competent and charming as possible. This might help American voters to understand, progressives aren't a threat, even if they call themselves "socialist".

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