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Will SHAFTA undo our Internet victories?

Since the text has been released, the Trans Pacific Partnership has been widely criticized as a disaster for public health, small business, workers' rights, and the environment.

Today's Republicans Aren't Conservative

Republican presidential hopefuls took to the stage in Milwaukee on Tuesday night to duke it out for the fourth time and to try and win the hearts and minds of Republican voters.

One candidate after another took their turn trying to convince Republican viewers that their policies are more conservative than any of their opponents'.

Would "Democracy Vouchers" make a difference?

Seattle is proving to be the birthplace of new, progressive policies. Last year, that city was the first in our nation to pass a $15 minimum wage.

Last week, they were the first to pass a new public campaign finance initiative to put democracy back into the hands of voters.

Full Text of TPP Shows it's A Bad Deal For All.

We've known for decades that free trade agreements are bad news for American workers. But, now that the full text of the Trans Pacific Partnership has been released, we know that this massive trade deal is a major threat to our environment as well.

The Corporate Contributions to Extreme Inequality

When we talk about fixing income inequality in this country, we typically focus in on taxing the rich to redistribute wealth down to the working poor. But, we often forget about all the income that's constantly being redistributed up to those at the top.

The great Republican fear campaign has struck again.

Last night, voters in Houston, Texas went to the polls and rejected their city’s new anti-discrimination law.

The vote wasn’t even close, with a full 63 percent of voters opposing the measure.

Free Trade Is Killing White American Men

The death rate of middle aged white American men without a college degree, men born between 1945 and 1965, has increased sharply over the last decade.

That's according to new research by a husband and wife team - including 2015 Nobel Laureate in Economics Angus Deaton.

GOP Has Turned into a Race Among Oligarchs to Own Everything

Ben Carson’s pathetic attempt to equate Hitler and pro-gun control Democrats was short-lived, but the specter of fascism is still haunting the 2016 presidential race.

When news first broke that Marco Rubio had won the support of billionaire Peter Singer, the media jumped on it as a sign that Rubio, a junior senator from Florida, was now the top “establishment” Republican candidate for president.

It's time for the FEC to do their job!

Despite the fact that we're in the heat of election season, the agency charged with protecting the process is laying down on the job. That's why groups have begun calling on the Federal Election Commission to get to work.

Isn't Your Body More Important Than Your Home?

Last night was the third Republican presidential primary debate, and the 10 candidates spent the majority of the time demonizing the federal government and social services.

Medicare is near the top of services that the Republican candidates want to cut or privatize, with candidates like Ted Cruz also taking aim at doing away with Obamacare completely.

We Need to Put a Price on Carbon

Just a few months from now, world leaders will meet in Paris to try and put together a plan to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s a big occasion, and given the state of the planet these days, a deal is absolutely necessary.

Are humans destroying their own nest?

Around 15,000 years ago - there weren't any cities in North America.

Instead the continent was covered with grassland and forest land.

And according to new research - there was a lot more poop from large animals all around.

And that poop nourished life on Earth.

How and Why the Freedom Caucus Killed 350 American Jobs

Just twenty-two months ago, the Waukesha, Wisconsin General Electric factory was flourishing.

It was churning out gas engines on the regular and putting hundreds of American machinists to work.

In fact, the factory was doing do so well that President Obama came to town to praise it as an example of how American manufacturing was finally bouncing back after the Great Recession.

Republicans' sham committee exposed.

Hillary Clinton testified for over 8 hours Thursday in front the House Select Committee on Benghazi. But, did we actually learn anything new about the events of September 11, 2012?

You need to know this...Early on in Thursday's Benghazi Select Committee hearings, Chairman Trey Gowdy got super defensive with California Congressman Adam Schiff.

It's Time For America's Return to "Radical" Socialist Policies

It's been just over a month since the Wall Street Journal ran its misinformation hit piece claiming that Bernie Sanders' budget proposal would cost 18 trillion dollars, and the Journal is back at it again.

This time it's Jason Riley who's criticizing Bernie's budget plan as being unrealistic and expensive, not to mention socialist.

Get Ready For A Climate Denier Heading up the EPA?!

You need to know this....

So far, Donald Trump's choice of cabinet members has been - well - deplorable.

He's picked someone who wants to privatize Medicare to oversee Medicare as his secretary of Health and Human Services.

He's picked a bankster who foreclosed on a 90-year-old over a 27 cent underpayment to oversee banksters as his Treasury Secretary.

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