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The GOP Is Now Bragging About Voter Suppression

Voting, Thomas Paine once said, “is the beating heart of democracy.” It’s what makes our democracy possible. Without it, Paine said, “man would be reduced to slavery.”

It’s for this very reason, of course, that conservatives have worked since the founding of our republic to make it harder or downright impossible for people who are not part of the political and economic elite to vote.

Is the Democratic Party In Danger of Losing The Next Generation of Voters?

The Democratic Party is facing a serious existential question.

And if the party doesn't make the right moves in 2016 - if they don't hang onto the independent voters and first time voters who are turning out in droves to vote for Bernie and other progressive challengers to the DNC establishment - the Democratic Party seriously risks alienating an entire generation of voters.

Is the Next Taxpayer Bailout the Coal Industry?

Eight years after we bailed the big banks to the tune of $14 trillion, American taxpayers could soon be on the hook again, this time to help out the coal industry.

Just a few years ago, Big Coal was riding high on the crest of a nice little boom. Energy prices were high, as was demand from China’s rising economy.

Scalia's Gift To Public Unions

As a member of our nation's highest court, Justice Antonin Scalia was a champion of so-called Conservative values. With his passing, however, the Justice's absence has led to liberal groups declaring victory on a number of cases.

These Corporations Have Raped the Land and Robbed the People

Another day, and another coal company is trying to rob its workers of their pensions and health plans.

On Monday, Alpha Natural Resources became the most recent coal company to file a petition with U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

We're Koched-Out On Freebees for Billionaire Polluters

On Monday, federal prosecutors announced that they were seeking a maximum sentence for former Massey Energy CEO Donald Blankenship, who was found guilty of conspiracy back in December.

How Do We Democratize Our Media?

There's a huge debate going on right now about the role of the media in American politics.

And two of the main questions are: How much is the media to blame for fueling the rise of Donald Trump? And what's the real relationship between Trump and the media?

The Climate Crisis is Upon Us.

The climate crisis is no longer a problem for the distant future. According to some of the world's leading scientists, we could face a perilous climate shift within just a few decades, rather than some far-off century.

NY Millionaires: "Raise our taxes!"

Millionaires in New York want to pay higher taxes.

In fact, 51 of those wealthy individuals felt so strongly about paying their fair share, they have signed on to a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo asking him to make their temporary high tax rates permanent.

Confirmed: Good Science IS Good Business.

Many of us have known for years that good climate science is good business. And, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has finally confirmed that obvious point.

Victory in the Atlantic!

Grassroots efforts have paid off for the Atlantic coast. The Obama Administration has reversed course on offshore drilling in that region.

Back in 2008, Congress lifted the ban on offshore drilling in the Atlantic, and just a short time later, the Obama Administration announced that they would open up that region to offshore drilling.

What Happens When Neither Political Party Answers to the Bottom 90%?

As Donald Trump leads a full-scale war against the Republican establishment and elites, particularly through his attack on both their military and their trade policies, the Democratic Party is also in a predicament of its own.

Businesses Exploit The Poor For a Buck.

If you really want to help the poor, you have to go after the businesses that exploit them.

According to a recent article over at Alternet, there are several billion-dollar industries whose sole purpose appears to be exploiting low-income families for profit. And, without some big changes to our United States Congress, scamming poor people for money will remain a lucrative business model.

Why Neither Party Can Survive the Downfall of the Working Class

Senator Marco Rubio dropped out of the Republican race on Tuesday after losing his home state of Florida to Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

Go West, Young Man: Bernie’s Path to Victory and Political Revolution

So last night was pretty tough for Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton won 4 of the 5 primary contests at play in Super Tuesday Number 3, and leads in a fifth contest in Missouri that’s still too close to call. She also added to her already significant lead in delegates.

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Income Inequality Has Gone Up

The chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, Jason Furman, recently wrote in the Washington Post that "Last year saw the largest single-year reduction in poverty since the 1960s."

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