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Dear Hillary… Fire Robby Mook and John Podesta

Wednesday's debate was the first debate after a surprising loss for Hillary Clinton in Michigan, and the former Secretary of State was particularly critical of Sanders on the debate stage in Miami.

The Era of Small Government is Over

Americans are finally waking up to the biggest Republican con of them all: the small government con.

Ever since the 1980s, Republicans have used a strategy former Reagan budget director David Stockman called “starving the beast.”

The thinking behind this strategy is pretty simple.

First, you cut taxes to “starve” the “the beast” (the government) of the revenue it needs to survive.

It's Time to Rid the DNC of DINOs, Starting with the Chair

According to one Michigan mayor, members of the DNC asked security to eject audience members who vocally supported Bernie Sanders during Sunday's debate in Flint Michigan.


Jim Fouts, a three-term independent mayor of Warren, Michigan, attended Sunday's Democratic debate, just like he had attended the Republican debate on Thursday.

Will China show us up on climate solutions?

While Republican lawmakers in our country continue to deny the proven science of climate change, China is waging an all-out war on coal in that nation.

"This trade deal is not about trade."

We've known for some time that the “investor-state dispute settlement” process is a threat to our national sovereignty. But, now we know that those international trade courts are also a huge benefit to billionaires and massive corporations.

Why Is Our Government Working for the Private Good over the Public Good?

It's been over two years since a massive chemical spill in West Virginia left regulators puzzled over basic questions like, how toxic is this chemical? Does it pose a threat to pregnant women and children? How long will this chemical stay in the environment, or in people's bodies?

The reason we couldn't answer those questions was simple.

The Big Lie that the Left Is Anti-Business

If there’s one smear that Republicans and Libertarians are fond of repeating over and over again, it’s the idea that Democrats are “anti-business.”

Sometimes they even take it as far as saying that Democrats are actually “anti-business.”

What Happens When the Elites Collapse in Both Parties

If there’s one quote that captures what the 2016 election is really all about, at least on the Republican side of things, it’s what one Trump supporter in Texas said about why the Donald has won him over.

There's A Racial Gap In Retirement

There are many ways that African Americans are still disadvantaged in our country, but few of them are as glaring as the disparity we see in retirement savings.

Taking Care of Our Nation is Not "Free Stuff."

Using our tax dollars to pay for the things our country needs is not giving away “free stuff.” But, that's the line we keep hearing in response to our push to expand social programs.

The Death Knell For Establishment Politics

Hillary Clinton's webpage was recently updated to clarify that Hillary Clinton will "continue to support a public option, and work to build on the Affordable Care Act to make it possible."

That hasn't exactly been her tone since she announced.

Success Starts With Failure

Donald Trump is wrong.

We don’t need to make America great again.

We need to let Americans fail again.

It all starts by solving our student loan crisis.

According to recent reporting by the Wall Street Journal, the most recent graduating class, the class of 2015, was the most indebted in American history.

Have the Democratic Superdelegates Been Compromised?

Bernie Sanders had a record number of supporters turn out to give him a 22 percent win over Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primaries.

It was a big win in terms of voter support, but it didn't translate to a big win in terms of delegate support.

Despite the fact that Hillary suffered the second biggest defeat in New Hampshire's history, both candidates walked away from New Hampshire with 15 delegates.

The Decline of Manufacturing & the Rise of Big Banks

The big Republican knock against Bernie Sanders - and, to some extent, the knock on Hillary Clinton and any Democrat - is that they want America to be more like Europe, in particular Northern Europe.

Bernie’s socialist policies might work fine for Scandinavia, Republicans say, but they’re pretty much DOA in the good old U. S. of A.

U.S. Prisoners Deserve College Educations - and the Right to Vote

During the Democratic debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in Milwaukee, Bernie Sanders made a bold pledge about criminal justice reform in America.

Critics quickly claimed that his pledge was pie-in-the-sky, especially because so many inmates are state inmates, not federal inmates.

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