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Transcript: Ross Gelbspan v. "The Great Global Warming Swindle", Mar 20 2007

Thom and Ross debunk the  "The Great Global Warming Swindle" documentary.


Transcript: Cracking The Code 08: Trances. 09 Feb 2007

Thom wrote his book "Cracking The Code" on the air: This was the eighth week, covering trances.


Transcript: Habeas Corpus, Military Commissions Act, Posse Comitatus, Feb 07 2007

One of the primary things; one of the core concepts that made America unique, frankly, from Great Britain in 1776 when we declared independence and in 1787 when the Constitution was first presented for ratification and finally ratified in 1789, is the concept that in the United States, the government does not stick its nose into your life unless there is a reasonable case to be made that there's a probable cause that you're actually committing a crime. We put this into the fourth amendment of the Constitution.


Transcript: Cracking The Code 07: Speaking directly to the unconscious mind. 02 Feb 2007

Thom wrote his book "Cracking The Code" on the air: This was the seventh week, covering "speaking directly to the unconscious mind, no/know, you".


Transcript: 3 Branches of Government, Ur-Fascism, Bush & Savage, Jan 30 2007

"The founders of this country believed it's all about communities; it's all about us together. We are a nation of barn builders. And to say, "Ah, you know, it's all mine". No, I'm sorry. You're the product of a public education system. You didn't die of cholera because we collectively chlorinated your water. I mean, we are a society here."


Transcript: The Tetragrammaton, Jan 29 2007

Thom wrote about the protest in D.C. and the church service he attended beforehand in his article, "Join The Parade For We The People". On the show he mentioned one particular address during the service...


Transcript: Hungry Ghosts, Jan 29 2007

What Native American people have that white people don't.


Transcript: Morality of Marketing, Jan 22 2007

Thom said the following after his interview with Frank Luntz, in which he pressed Luntz on how he justified to himself the purposes to which he puts his techniques, for example the "death tax" frame.


Transcript: Frank Luntz, Jan 22 2007

Transcript: Cracking The Code 06: The future. 19 Jan 2007

Thom wrote his book "Cracking The Code" on the air: This was the sixth week, covering "throwing yourself or others into the future, and taking control of your future".


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