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Transcript: Progressive Advertising, Jan 09 2007

How progressive advertising should be.


Transcript: Cracking The Code 05: Framing and chunking. 05 Jan 2007

Thom wrote his book "Cracking The Code" on the air: This was the fifth week, covering "framing and chunking".


Transcript: Cracking The Code 04: The map is not the territory. 29 Dec 2006

Thom wrote his book "Cracking The Code" on the air: This was the fourth week, covering "the map is not the territory, the meaning of communication is the response you get".


Transcript: Peace, Christmas 2006, Dec 22 2006

This is the vision we should be holding, this is place we should be going, whenever we are going to discuss Christmas. Frankly, 365 days out of the year. This is a fundamental issue. Can we live peacefully with each other and with the rest of the planet; with all life on Earth? Because if we don't resolve that fundamental issue, we're toast! And I frankly believe that we can.


Transcript: Cracking The Code 03: Motivation strategies. 22 Dec 2006

Thom wrote his book "Cracking The Code" on the air: This was the third week, covering motivation strategies.


Transcript: Cracking The Code 02: How We Sort Emotions. 15 Dec 2006

Thom wrote his book "Cracking The Code" on the air: This was the second week, covering how we sort emotions.


Transcript: Wetiko and Politics, Dec 13 2006

Professor Jack Forbes, a Native American, who's Professor of Native American studies, wrote a book called "Columbus and other cannibals" which is brilliant and in it he used this word, 'wetiko', which is a native American word that, I forget which tribe or community, that describes basically the eating of the life force of another; It's a cannibalism that isn't literally cannibalism.


Transcript: Cracking The Code 01: Competence. 8 Dec 2006

Thom wrote his book "Cracking The Code" on the air: This was the first week, covering "from unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence".


Transcript: World Views, Dec 07 2006

The core differences between the conservative worldview and the liberal worldview.


Transcript: Katharine Debrecht, how the Liberals stole Christmas, Dec 04 2006

Katharine Debrecht is the author of "'Help! Mom! The 9th Circuit's Nabbed the Nativity! (or how the Liberals stole Christmas)".


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