Are the violent tornadoes enough evidence for climate deniers to understand that our planet is entering dangerous times?

Yes! Plus the storms were so strong 3 nuclear reactors were knocked off power & a disaster was barely averted.
No! Every new Republican in the US house are climate deniers and get millions in big oil campaign contributions.


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 So what's with the

 So what's with the Massachusetts Democrats voting to get rid of collective bargaining. It just goes to show that just because a politicain runs as a democrat doesn't make them one. We must go beyond titles and check our representatives. Ask them their policies and then demand that they follow through with their promises.

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God revenge, LOL..  I

God revenge, LOL..  I recognise the only reason we would use this wording is because the conservatives like to claim god as their own.. 

Revenge for taxing the rich; I realized todays conservatives that vote against their best interests (taxing the super wealthy), reminds me of how people worshiped the pharaoh's..   I believe, it was believed that the pharaoh's lived after death, but the average person did not..  I wonder how they controlled the masses in this case?   Probably no wonder the new religuion (christianity) took over because the promises were targeted at the average person.. 

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 It is sad. But, there are

 It is sad. But, there are lots of people in the red states that believe just that. As long as we allow the republican party to make god in their image this will continue.

Bye the way I saw on  free speech tv that there ia a book that Paul Ryan requires his staffers to read but, I didn't get the name of the book or the author's name. can someone help me.

Russell Vaughan
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What climate change?  It is

What climate change?  It is God's revenge for taxing the rich and attempting to provide health care for the poor, elderly and disabled.  I wonder why it is only striking RED states?

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