A new report shows the 400 richest in America are taxed at 16% while the rest pay up to 35%? Will this continue?

Yes! And to make matters worse – average CEO pay increased dramatically – they have the budget for lobbyists to bribe congress.
No! President Obama has announced that those over $250,000 will be taxed more and it will be in the next budget.


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16 percent?   I am surprised

16 percent?   I am surprised that many people think Obama will keep his promises..  He says more progeressive sounding things, but then does things that only a conservative would like..

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More and more our nation is

More and more our nation is revealed to be indistinguishable from the New World countries to our south, with an outsized role for the military and political control exercized (i.e., bought and paid for) by the "latifundistas." Like so many other "campesinos" who occupy the Western Hemisphere, we live in a sham democracy run for the benefit of a few ruling families and giant corporations (the Corporintern). The broad interests of the citizenry are no longer addressed, not even rhetorically.

The pusillanimity of the Democrats, starting with the president, is unfathomable to me. The only explanation is that the majority of our Democratic leaders really have no values except expediency. I am an Democratic ideologue, and disinclined to apologize for it. The American pee-pill, whose silence was interpreted by the militarists and other reactionaries as tacit approval when we began waging criminal wars of aggression early in this century, CANNOT be counted on to discharge the obligations and bear the burdens incumbent on a free people. Alo, Argentameritina.


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And who is the Presidents

And who is the Presidents base now? A bunch of apologists saying they understand our anger but he (Obama) is somewhat better than the alternative? This is NOT what I voted for in 2008! Writing in "Bernie Sanders" on my 2012 ballot is sounding much more hopeful, and would bring more real change than what we've got now.


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Will it  continue  ? likely 

Will it  continue  ? likely  Yes  GOP-  Ryan-  McConnell &  Boner will ram rod this through NO matter who gets hurt  They are ruthless  liars  SOB's

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Sadly, at this point

Sadly, at this point President Obama's "announcements" have become increasingly meaningless. 

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