A new poll shows majorities in the state disapprove of OH Gov. John Kasich anti-union laws - will voters there repeal & recall?

Yes! If Republican Govs screw the working class out of their jobs – then their job too is in danger too.
No! It's hard to fight back against millions & billions focused on union busting.


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People power works   In Wis 

People power works   In Wis  and every  other state .We must all  Speak  out  and  often    Demand your reps work for you- not corps  notl obbyits - not Koch bros ... www.congress.gov                         www.senate.gov      Get busy  or do not gripe  

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yes Wis first  then Ohio 

yes Wis first  then Ohio  then ? GOP has  greatly over stepped their bonds like power hungry  greedy  vultures. They could barely wait to get in power so they could begin taking away workers rights to bargain & demanding even more corp tax cuts.  Thats not at all what they campaigned on.  Jobs jobs jobs Yet  they have done nothing for job creation  Voters were duped  No surprise there When one is angry one tends not to think clearly .I see much voters remorse now that we  have seen GOP 's true colors..which have not changed in years.   Its always about corp  /  billionaires unfunded tax cuts - loopholes and billions in OIL subsides.  GOP just voted to keep that gravy train going . Only 3 Dems voted for that. Thom,  By the way Obama has shown that he is not at all a wimp as you said to a caller few days  back when you were annoyed that Obama has not done all you think he should in 2 1/ 4  yrs,  Patience my man Lots to do so little time    Love your show    .

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This Ohioan heard or read

This Ohioan heard or read somewhere that the provisions Kasich and the republicans want to keep in the bill will slyly be part of another piece of legislation--so it really won't matter legislatively. More people need to be in the streets--enough to shut down ALL Ohio business and make Kasich look bad. I also read that Kasich isn't interested in a second term; it's been his MO to come in and do damage and leave--someone (maybe the Kochs) must have promised him a great job after.

Ohio is a truely disgusting place to live these days.

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The President today made an

The President today made an oblique verbal swipe at these governors, not that I think the nuance was apprehended by them.

I trust that the good people of Ohio will be successful in removing him from office. I will light a candle for their freedom. I wish elected officials who try to strip us of our Constitutional rights could be arrested and charges and tried for treason, which I believe they are committing; perp walks for Kasich, Walker, Snider, Daniels.

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  We need to fight back one

  We need to fight back one vote at a time.

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