Will the Kochs get away with giving millions to universities to promote deregulation & friendly oil policies into curriculums?

Yes! And it already has begun in George Mason University – Clemson – West Virginia – Brown – Troy – and Utah State. Who's next?
No! They won't get away with buying professors to convince kids right out of college to join the Tea Party.


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Yes Thom and the sad thing

Yes Thom and the sad thing is, we are financing the takeover. You see, it is one thing to give oil subsidies in the Bush Cheney energy plan. But the kicker in the Bush Cheney energy plan was that the CEOs of the gas industry are now subservient to Wall Street, no matter what they do as a Corp., or an industry they cannot stabilize their market they cannot control their market, volatility is mandatory and Wall Street is going get there. 30% cut, and the taxpayer is on the hook they have had to borrow every dime paid to the oil lobby and pay interest on it for over seven years. We do not want these guys privatizing social security and Medicare. These guys break things and want credit for fixing them. They are self-serving destructive insurgent forces and our economy.

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Their plan is to re-write

Their plan is to re-write history.  The Koch brothers as well as many of the higher affluent have realized the place to start making your mark is at the University level.  They are even going back to private High Schools in full form.  I returned to the University of WA.in my later years to finish my degree.  I was actually quite amazed how many young students fresh out of what one can presume to be some private high school completely disagreed with the Global Health professors who talked about Climate Change.  They were set in their ideology long before attending the University.  I sat next to one student in particular who whispered to me after the Professor had been talking about the receding glaciers and ocean current changes (this student had vocally disagreed).  She leaned over to me and said "my dad told me that I would be going to a liberal school and that I should not believe a word".  In my opinion, the conservative 'Neo-Liberalism' Ideolgies are driven in before it even hits the University.  But just in case, the extremely wealthy want to cross their T's and want to be the ones who change history.  Wasn't it European history books that talked about how the soliders in this country gave the indians small pox in peace blankets in order to advance and take over.  I am not sure that was in any of our American history books growing up.  They are rewriting history as we know it....and to what end?

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They have money, so in our

They have money, so in our conservative utopia, where he who has the gold rules (with no other rules/laws), they can re-write history all they want to.

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I devoutly wish it were not

I devoutly wish it were not so, but, unfortunately, the budget cuts in the states force the universities to take money anywhere they can get it.

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Thom  Love you and y our

Thom  Love you and y our show  but... I disagree with you on this point : US had every right- moral and otherwise to kill Bin laden . Who are we to second guess the decision  of our Brave Seals  in a  life or death situation ?  Lets drop this and move on  please.  Keep up the good work  Louise too  Bravo  to you both 

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Those are not the most

Those are not the most academically rigorous institutions to begin with. Another reason not to go to a college or university with sports programs. Note to employers: do not hire grads from those schools.

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Given the horrible financial

Given the horrible financial state of colleges and universities today I fear they will be forced to take the money.  The Tea Party has seen some success only with the uninformed voter so hopefully the kids getting out of college will use their brains to make the right (I mean left) decision.


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As it's been proven time and

As it's been proven time and time again, money talks and those with the most money talk the loudest.

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