Yes. Because giving in to hostage taking doesn't work. What will the Tea Party caucus hold hostage next - unemployment?
85% (67 votes)
No. He'll be seen as the adult and this deal will help him get re-elected.
15% (12 votes)
Total votes: 79


thorlac's picture
thorlac 3 years 51 weeks ago

I wonder if this is some sort of weird reverse psychology maneuver. If Dems start to go along with and support Republicon agenda, will the Right automatically reject their own agenda simply because the Dems embraced it?

Will they really go clean their room just because we say we like it messy?

l.b. 3 years 51 weeks ago

We need revenue and we need more economic stimulus. What will happen to unemployment insurance extensions or some other and hopefully better program to support all the people this economy and the handling of the financial diaster has left out No one likes starving. And why did the President stick to his borimng talking point of "a balanced approach" when it was clearlu not a bit balanced? He needed to reframe the discussion, educate us on how Social Security is not broke, only needs some tinkering, for us to stop raiding it. a raised income ceiling. Obama can't talk honestly to the people anymore because he's part of all the fake solutions that have only gotten us deeper into debt - the health care plan without a single payer, the wars without end, stimulus programs that weren't big enough. But for all his alligning himself with the corporatists, he's the only game in town if we want to stop the crazy Republicans and he knows it, even if we forget. We need to lobby him strongly and pointedly as a united group of Progressives or find another candidate.

Oleander 3 years 51 weeks ago

I don't get the rationale that it is OK to flush the country down the toilet to please a few low-information "independent" voters in the next election. They'll still get their news from Fox. There has got to be another way to win an election, like turnout and better messaging.

rogerreid3 3 years 51 weeks ago

.... and stopping election fraud before the election. Otherwise each election becomes more dysfunctional, and "the people" are more and more disenfranchised.

David J. Cyr's picture
David J. Cyr 3 years 51 weeks ago

As with all the corporate party provided non-choices, Hartmann's push poll provides no choice for sane sensible well informed people to choose. Both choices are wrong.

The YES vote is wrong because Obama isn't weak. He hasn't been taken hostage. He isn't surrendering. He simply doesn't care about the American people, because Americans are no longer producers of wealth for the Market-State that owns the Corporate States of America, and the American people are no longer capable of being the uber consumers of the world's resources that they were. Americans are now disposable to the corporate party's (R)s and (D)s. What the corporate (R) & (D) party's voters regularly reliably voted to do unto others throughout the world is now being done unto them. 99% of 2008 American voters voted to do unto themselves what they had been doing unto others... neoliberal policies of ruthless exploitation.

The NO vote is wrong because it implies that being a corporatist (a fascist) is evidence of being a respectable mature and responsible person. Responsible, yes. Mature, perhaps... as in rotten. Worthy of respect, no!

Obama is doing what a corporate party Democrat POTUS is purchased to do... Greater Evil.

Nearly 70 million maniacs feverishly provided a popular vote mandate for him to do it. They wouldn't be so surprised now if they weren't so deaf, dumb and blind when they voted.

The Devolution of Liberalism:

Canul856's picture
Canul856 3 years 51 weeks ago

This deal will help the President's political standing. Unfortunately, it will hurt the economy.

Obama was never a Progressive politician, but he was a reformer interested in incremental change. He felt he had to compromise to get incremental changes adopted. Because of those compromises, the Left stayed home in droves in the 2010 election and did themselves and the country as much harm as in the election of 2000. The election of a Republican-led House, which could have been completely prevented if Democrats had voted, gave the Corporatists the leverage to adopt a radical right-wing agenda and get most of it passed.

The take-home message from these events is not that we should not have elected Obama, but that we should always vote. We should vote for the better choice even if it is not our ideal choice.

Femlin's picture
Femlin 3 years 51 weeks ago

I say we all begin singing "You load 16 tons, whaddya get, another day older and deeper in debt. St. Peter dontcha call me, cause I can't go . . I owe my soul to the company store" 'cause that's where we're headed.

Yes, I'll vote for him . . . yes, I'll even work at the campaign headquarters for him . . but not because I believe in him any longer - because I have lost faith in "yes we can" and just hope a real progressive comes along sometime.

Consensus isn't built by giving away the farm - as soon as the far right saw him cave (and I do believe out of compassion and hope for the long-term unemployed) . . .the poor and middle class were doomed - at least for this term.

Maybe I'm delusional in hoping that if he DOES win a second term we will see a progressive leader.

dmcrane1's picture
dmcrane1 3 years 51 weeks ago

I will vote for him because there's no way I'd vote Republican, and running a Dem or Independent against him will assure a Rep/TeaP win. However, I won't be sending him any money this time or working on his campaign. I'm planning to work really hard to get a Progressive House & Senate and they'll be taking my available money and time. Sad to say, I'm am disappointed that this President only knows how to "speak softly" and apparently never listened to the "but carry a big stick" part of the advice. I expected him to be a Roosevelt, but he turned out to be Hoover.

Yo Al's picture
Yo Al 3 years 51 weeks ago

He needs to stop bending over and touching his toes everytime the RepubliCONS or Tea Scum give him a hard time Democraps don't really fight hard for the people and stop talking about reaching over to the other side!!!

DesertTom 3 years 51 weeks ago

Yours is the true "grand bargain" - we have no alternative.

Mitt Romney would put us all to sleep - unless he fired us like he did to so many others. Rick Perry?? OMG! They do have other people actually running, too, don't they??

Lonnie819 3 years 51 weeks ago

I feel that even though most pundits and politicians think the American people are stupid, we're not. The true nature of the politicians, in particular the GOP, has been exposed. Believe me, change is coming.

Vestalallen's picture
Vestalallen 3 years 51 weeks ago

Did it occur to anyone this deal might have been reached amicably over drinks months ago but we needed a fake fight so we could point the finger at one party or the other when both parties got what they wanted?

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