In LA the OWS eviction is on hold - After 2 months of police brutality - are they finally getting they cannot evict an idea?

Yes! 1000s of supporters have rallied to in support and the police & officials are listening.
No! The police & city officials will just wait until no one is looking and then move in.


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OWS shows the power of the

OWS shows the power of the people if they stand up to be heard.  We don't get the coverage in mainstream media that we should, but they certainly cover all the fine points of them when they're in another country.  Grassroots, on the ground movements, whether it be political or not seems to be overcoming the big money and their fancy ads on TV.  The more I learn about what's been going on, the scarier it gets, but we can and must stand up and fight for our liberty.  I try and educate everyone I know and meet since not everybody has the time I do to watch documentaries and do research that I do, since I'm retired.

OWS continues its battle. I

OWS continues its battle.

I remember the late 60's and early 70's. It is important for people to gather and to make their points of view known. We need to keep voicing our opinions, and letting not just people in our country, but people in the world, know how very dissatisfied the majority of ordinary citizens are with the way our country is being run.

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Fact that OWS is in corp  

Fact that OWS is in corp   news  is great for the movement   People power works   Work ing in   Ohio  Kasich  Kochs  lost big-  Wis   Fla   Kentucky  even  Mississippi  where personhood  lost  effort to ban birth control  ! Much  More to come  Walker will be recalled   in Wis  

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If you can do anything,

If you can do anything, anything at all to help and support OWS please do. This may be our last chance to stop America's descent into irreversible corporate fascism.


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