OWS Zuccotti PR said, "You cannot evict an idea whose time has come." Will OWS Zuccotti continue to get stronger?

Yes! Get ready for a turbulent day in the Big Apple
No! The massive police crackdown will put a damper on the Zuccotti community.


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I have been waiting so long.

I have been waiting so long. I have hope for a nonviolent revolution. "Joy to the world! Joy to all the boys and girls! Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea! and joy to you and me!" Sing it! Dance it! Paint it! Learn it! We are living!

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It will become stronger.  The

It will become stronger.  The people are waking up.  The city confiscated a 5,000+ volume library that had been amassed at Zucotti Park.  It will be not only retrieved, but augmented.  Knowledge is the beginning of power.

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I watched a truly amazing

I watched a truly amazing movie last night called Amazing Grace made in 2006.  It was about an 18th century English politician who fought for the abolition of slavery.  What I heard sounded very much like what is now going on with the Occupy movement.  The same push from the so called privileged class which was in favor of profit over human lives.  Seems that nothing changes and the people of this planet have had to constantly stand up for and fight for our God given rights to equal treatment.  We are constantly fighting for the right to live with dignity and some measure of comfort.  The politican's name was William Wilberforce and he was a member of the privileged class in England at that time and he changed things.  It took time, but he did it.  He went on to fight for human rights until the end of his life.  I endorse this movie as one of the most inspiring I have ever watched and give it 5 stars.

Seems to me, when viewing history, that everytime the people win, we settle into a complacency and then they plot to slowly take away our rights and every time when a tipping point is reached, we fight back.  I don't know about anyone else, but I am personally very tired of this constant battle to retain human rights.

David J. Cyr
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It will be (D) voters who

It will be (D) voters who will, on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, evict all the ideas, ideals, and principles that OWS is struggling for.

It's the function of the corporate party's liberal "progressives" to ensure that either none or the least possible change for good occurs.

Voter Consent Wastes Dissent:


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Strength in numbers and

Strength in numbers and peace!!!! I support OWS and will continue to support OWS until we see long over due change!!!! OWS is the only way change will happen!!!! Stop all of the far reaching systemic social injustices and corruption occuring in the US and the social injustices the US has taken to other countries for lower wages to gain more wealth. GREAT WORK OWS!!!!!  Replace congress with OWS the 99%.  Ocuppy congress!


crystal lynne
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there isn't enough space in

there isn't enough space in the jails or prisons for all who will come out to support the OWS movement. We will grow untell every person who is in the 99% is on the streets and the walls of the 1% tremble. We are awake and in it for the long haul through police crack downs and winter blizzards. We will win in the end

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Nobody can stop Occupy. 

Nobody can stop Occupy.  Occupy is the only solution to a system of government that is broken completely. I live in a sleepy city but we do occupy: http://treegrower.org/Occupations/DC%20Occupation.html


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Con  Reagan  Bush 1-2  GOP 

Con  Reagan  Bush 1-2  GOP  Supreme  Court  majority  decides  on  Health Care   ... oops

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People  power  IS working 

People  power  IS working  OWS   We beat  GOP Bagger Gov Kasich & Kochs Bros   millions   in Ohio  last week !   Fla   Kentucky  Mississippi  too.  Wis recall   ALL  on board !   Finally  people  have awaken  to  Goldmans Sachs Wall St / GOP Bagger   Cantor McConnell  Boehnr  scam on US   economy & its  people  ...

David S. Lynch
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I have high hopes that this

I have high hopes that this will strengthen the movement.

I am still trying to figure out what judicial procedure allowed the NY Supreme Court to throw out both the restraining order that upheld the protesters' civil liberties and the judge who granted it! Travesties like that will spur more people to take action!

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I just informed the Mayor of

I just informed the Mayor of that fine city that I won't be sending any tourist dollars their way.

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They just made the massive

They just made the massive OWS movement even massiver (I know that's not a real word :) )

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