Are the days of a free and open internet over?

YES - SOPA will pass, putting an end to online freedom of speech.
NO - A groundswell of internet activism will prevent this internet censorship legislation.


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Protect the internet! I fear

Protect the internet! I fear that the and the Occupy Movement will be erraced. The Zeitgeist Movement is our last hope for ending the global capitalist/fashist tyrany.

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I'm surprised at all the

I'm surprised at all the people saying no.  Remember everybody, you get what you ask for, so think positive and keep the faith that we will win out in the end.  The meek shall inherit the Earth.  I'm not even a particualary religious person, but I have my moments.  I am however, a spiritual person and I believe that we will get back what we put out, so put out some good, positive energy to our lawmakers and surround the internet and free speech, etc. with positive energy and we will prevail.

Geraldine Rieman
The internet is becoming Big

The internet is becoming Big  Brother is Watching You.   In every way. 

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