Congress is now taking their payroll tax cut fight to the media - who will win the media war - The Democrats or Republicans?

The Democratic meme - let's make sure the payroll tax cut stays in place for the 99%.
The Republican meme - payroll tax cuts for the 99% - Bah Humbug!


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nobama "tries" to be fair?!?!

nobama "tries" to be fair?!?! what idiocy   This tax "cut" is merely stealing from social security...what lies we are hearing.  They are messing with my RETIREMENT!!

nobama and the damnrats can go to HELL!!  and when will thom go live in a tent with the unwashed lying tent people who are not indians??

 Wait and see what happens in February!   mcconnel and senate republicans are going to get their asses KICKEDD!!

My retirement and that of many others is being affected by this kick the can down the road!! ??!!   $4 billion a day more is being spent by the damnrats tah is coiming in!  And nobama claims to be the 4ht best presisdent.   Unbelievable!   Where's his legit birth certificate????

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Apparently, according to C

Apparently, according to C Span the GOP are going to discuss the payroll tax cut extension at 5 PM EST.  I have C Span on now so we'll see who gives this time around.  Amazingly even Karl Rove is now telling the House to vote on the Senate bill, so he's joined with McConnell on this one.

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Obama tries to be fair,

Obama tries to be fair, compromise & help middle c lass  but GOP stalls  blocks filiibusters smears at every turn    Fox  Beck Hannity demonize him. . GOP Bagger  run  congress  demand even more   more corp tax  cuts- loopholes-  subsides  and more GOP deregulation...We tried that  since   1981  Reaganomics   IT failed  . Corp run media does not tell us  the  facts behind the story .  Investigative  Jouirnalism as we knew it years ago is dead.  Media just repeats what each side says without clarifying who is  fibbing /  leaving out  pertinent  info.  CNN needs Ted Turner  back  That  man had cajones.  Fox  GOP show is a disgrace.  Fox  has millions of loyal fans / many are Obama haters.. Rush  has millions of ditto  heads. whom he speaks for and to.  Fans   do not question  his honesty  . Sad comment on voters ability to think logically, check facts-  use reason. I'm glad I grew up when public schools gave  kids an excellent education . We had NO calculators to do our math for us ..and no  google  to search  for  info . We went to  the library .  NO Face book  NO video games   NO I phones  We  were  always active  walking,  jumping rope,  swimming  in the comm pool, playing  hop  scotch,  tag Your  IT    yes I am that old   68 .!

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The Republicians own the

The Republicians own the media. The get out the message "we want to give the tax cuts for a year... the dems arn't cooperating" they dont tell the truth of all the poisen in the one year bill. the vast know nothing peaple believe what the media tell them. so we loose

David J. Cyr
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Whatever Republicans or

Whatever Republicans or Democrats win they both win it, in corporate party solidarity together.

If Democrats were the Solution, we wouldn't have the Problems.

Jill Stein for President:

Voter Consent Wastes Dissent:

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