Scientists find “alarming” rates of deformed marine life in the Gulf of Mexico. Will you still eat seafood from the Gulf?

NO! - With 40% of all US Seafood coming from the Gulf of Mexico, I'm going to have to re-think my diet.
YES! - I hear that Corexit adds a nice spice note to my geneticlly mutated seafood.


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Gulf of California, YES!. 

Gulf of California, YES!.  Gulf of Mexico, not so much.  Let's hear it for Guaymas shrimp!

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Of course I probably would

Of course I probably would have voted no anyway because I never liked sea food.  Good thing the way it is now.

I actually probably would

I actually probably would still eat the seafood. I love seafood and order it all the time because it's healthier than burgers. Not once while eating seafood have I thought of mutated fish although I bet thats now going to change! In reality, by the time it's caught, skinned, prepared, cooked and on my plate in front of me, it would be a waste not to eat it. Kids in Africa would kill for the dinner scraps that I throw away, so I try not to look a gift horse in the mouth. That being said and my poor justifications aside, if I thought that not eating seafood would actually help kick BP out of the Gulf I would curb my appetite immediately. Not to mention that mutated fish may not be all that healthy in the first place!

Cant eat beef because of hormone injections, mad cow and pink slime, no veggies because of e. coli, if I can't consciously eat seafood then what's next?

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