A secret cadre of rich people is buying our elections. Do you believe that we still have a democracy in the US?

NO! - We have undergone a coup d'état in slow-motion. A wealthy few own & rule America. We are living in a corporatocracy!
YES! - We have the best democracy that money can buy.


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Democracy has been beat down

Democracy has been beat down by reaganomics and the predictable concentration of wealth and power caused by such economic madness.

 "We fight, get beat, rise, and fight again." Nate Greene-1780 

 We can still win back and restore our democracy............  OCCUPY!



Tom Dovenspike
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For danhow: your comments are

For danhow: your comments are spot on.  You might have added that at the tail end of the Iran-Contra mess, Ronnie The Popular (aka Reagan) was also using the planes that delivered the arms & equipment to the Contras to fly back here loaded with drugs which were then sold to major distributors in this country (see Norman Goldman's interviews with "Freeway Ricky" yesterday).  That money, in turn, was funnelled back to the Contras as well.  Funny, at the very same time Nancy Reagan was going on TV preaching "Just Say No", her husband the President was actually dealing drugs in this country.  Nice, huh?

Also, wouldn't it be interesting to know how many of our troops are deployed today guarding the poppy fields in Afghanistan?  10 years ago, those fields which support about 85% of the heroin supply and which had been nearly wiped out by the Taliban, are now back in full-swing thanks to the brother of the Afghan president.  That brother is the biggest drug dealer in that country.  Things don't seem to have changed very much. 

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We never have been a true

We never have been a true democracy, but a democratic republic.  The trouble is, more money means more power to control and TELL others what to think.  Just as the time when kings ruled the world, the church got behind them and ordained them with the "Divine right of kings".  The people did not have the power, education or organization to stand up and just say NO.  IF we, as a people do not stand up now, the super rich and corporations will become our masters.  Karl Marx had a very good idea in his manifesto, but it will never work because of one aspect of mankind.... GREED.

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it should be obvious to the

it should be obvious to the naked eye of truth that democracy is gone in America, and good luck to "We the people, getting it back. It will never be right, unitl...we all have rights, human rights to LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS! and "Equal Justice UNDER THE LAW". Wake up now...http://thrivemovement.com 

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We are coming a point where

We are coming a point where the propoganda, the police-state style lack of civil liberties, and yes, even the billions of dollars will not be able to sway public opinion.  

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 Petition signed .   How did

 Petition signed .   How did we let the  lobbyists , corps , power brokers take over  bit by bit  law by law, judge  by judge  ?  We  were  busy with families and  jobs.   Now  is the time to  become  very well informed ,  read, check facts , forget  ' news bites'  that are misleading & many times downright  false. Do not let our enemies 'define the conversation' with code words and non essential  info.    News media  is a massive money machine  So is  war - big pharma and  big oil .  A relative few control our economy, the Fed , Wall St /  bankers, lobbyists  and billionaires that are secretly influencing  our elections .  Even foreign countries like Iran ! Thanks to' Citizens  United ' !  Obama and Clinton are-were tough on Iran.   Both Bush's were ' cozy with Iran ' .Reagans  Iran Contra, selling them guns..making secret deals . HW Bush  gave killer/   tyrant Shah of Iran  safe harbor.  Bin laden family ( Not Bin laden )  was flown out of the US right after 9 / 11  by GW Bush for their safety.  Look it up    Its all true .

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The ONLY way to restore

The ONLY way to restore "small 'd' democracy" back to the U.S.  is to amend the Constitution so that it clearly, and unequivocally, states that: 1) rights recognized under the Constitution belong to HUMAN BEINGS, only; and, 2) Money is NOT speech.

The ONLY proposed amendment that says those 2 things, clearly, and unequivocally, is "the Move to Amend" amendment, which you can read at www.movetoamend.org/amendment.

Check it out, and get involved with MOVE TO AMEND!

Stephen A. Justino
Member at Large, Executive Committee
Move to Amend

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