Students around the US are rallying today & calling for a student loan debt jubilee. Will they be successful?

YES! - But only when all students come together and stop repaying their loans. Thereby forcing debt forgiveness on the Banks!
NO! - And to make matters worse, the interest rate for federal student loans will double in July when Congress doesn’t act.


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student loan debt has been

student loan debt has been securitized by Wall Street

The purpose of the Republican

The purpose of the Republican position on non-assistance for students, our future leaders, is the dumbing down of our younger generation. Those who are not able to intellectually intellectually think about the affects of right wing regressive Republican positions on the future of this country will not know how to vote for Congressmen / women who not only pass laws that affect all of us, but as important, the Senate passes or rejects the selection by the President of Supreme court nominees.  

In fact many of those who have already been dumbed down have been elected to Congress as Republicans supported by those who hold their financial leash, ALEC.  The under-educated are a favorite target. They listen to their peer group, which has no valid support for any of their opinions.  This is much easier for the comfortably stupid,  which is much easier than seeking independent information about political thought and responsible decisions. 

A major issue every voter, young or old, needs to look closely at are the rules regarding super pacs facilitated by the Citizens United decision by the Republican majority in the Supreme Court. There are so many problems caused by this Supreme Court "legislation" that I encourage those who are not familiar with this decision to Google it and learn how this decision could be the undoing of our political future.

Regarding student responsibility for education I feel everyone owes something to our country beyond money.  I think even the wealthy need to become more aware for what we stand.  This service may be military, Peace Corp, or any one of a number of services many of which have not yet been developed.  Monitoring and administering these must consider the time element that would be required, hopefully, working for your father's presidential run would not be included.


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Many colleges were free  Like

Many colleges were free  Like the  U of  C  till REagan threw that  out.  CHicago  had a free TEaches College in 60 's and beyond  Its an investment  in our childrens and our  countries future. More eeducated folks, more  taxes collected, less umemployment paid out, the more productive we are as workers. 

Knowing several students who

Knowing several students who fell into the student loan trap, a good majority cannot repay their loans. Not paying a debt that you don't agree with is a form of civil disobedience. And of course I agree with Thomas Jefferson that all schooling should be free. We provide free education until the student is 18 and old enough to start collecting debt, then with no other way to pay, the student becomes a debt-slave wage-earner and risks becoming trapped under debt slavery for the rest of their lives with no real chance at a fair shot. Its even harder now to crawl out from debt slavery since bankruptcy doesn't get rid of student loans, there for life!

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