Will "The Buffett Rule" be passed in the Senate today?

NO! - The Republicans will just say the word "filibuster" and the bill is dead on arival.
YES! - And it's about time the uber rich began to pay their fair share!


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It is time or past time we

It is time or past time we had this rule, but it will never pass as long as congress is bought and paid for by the ultra rich.  The "right" say it will kill jobs and do nothing for the nation, but they are wrong.  Just think about it.  It WOULD help to create jobs.  If the rich know they will get taxes at a higher rate if they make over a set limit, then why not invest that money in creating jobs to lower their tax rate?  But I guess this line of thinking and reason is far beyond the limited minded "right".  They don't want people who think, they just want to control the dumb masses.

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"The Buffett Rule" will not

"The Buffett Rule" will not be passed, but it should. Unfortunintly WE have a shame in the Congress, and WE pay the fees. I know of none in the Republican Party that isn't in middle of the corporate mix, and very few Democrats that aren't beholding to the corportations. The People of these United States are nothing more than play-things for the emusement of the rich. But the sad part is, the majority of the People believe this is the way it is, and will continue to be. Hey! Only if YOU continue to think like that, and do not get involved in changing that mind set.

Danny Williams

Rosemarie Schmidt
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No, I don't think it will,

No, I don't think it will, simply because the House is paid for by the wealthy Corporations with the GOP implementing the process, and the Senate with a filibuster. We need to change our reps and senators to dems who listen!

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They may not jump for it now,

They may not jump for it now, but watch them squirm when the Bush tax cuts for the weathy expire. Karma!


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congress is bought and sold.

congress is bought and sold. it doesn't matter what side of the aisle they claim to be on, they won't rock the money boat. there are very few, a handful, that are not beholden to their corporate overlords. unfortunately, thatks not nearly enough to challange the ridiculous system of filibuster

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