Germany, like France & Bulgaria, just banned fracking. Will the US ban fracking before it poisons much of our drinking water?

YES! - But only if there is enough pressure from We The People.
NO! - Clean drinking water is a commodity, so the less of it we have, the more money can be made from it.


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Viotes are pretty close.  I

Viotes are pretty close.  I contend that much of our drinking water is already contaminated and it's done no good to fight back against these people.  Seems that both Democrats and Republican politicians are for this fracking no matter how much the people protest.  Unfortunately, there is not much news on our mainstream media so most people aren't even aware of it.  I've brought it to the attention of people who were blissfully unaware that it was happening right around them and no one knows.  We have to change how politics is funded and how politicians are voted in, after we get corporate money and influence out of our political system, and that's going to take longer then we may have at the current rate of corruption.

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kudos for whom ever wrote the

kudos for whom ever wrote the "No" response stem.  It is right on the money.

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Many European and other

Many European and other countries around the globe are way ahead of the US on environmental issues.  The US with an oil backed political agenda has proven again and again that human life is not a priority.  Best example are the oil wars!  They're willing to send people off in droves to die for oil in North Africa and middle east.  I sincerely doubt they give a hoot about a few communities being poisoned by fracking.  Fracking will likely continue until there's much tougher, can't-be-bought representation for the people in our government.  

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If common sense has any place

If common sense has any place in this country, then the people need to 'be informed' by the news...the real news, like Thom Hartman, seems to be the only place I can get the truth about what's going on, the real story! and not some fake entertainment news.

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After the dirty bastards

After the dirty bastards collapse the economy there will be no customers for their dirty fossil fuels.  We The People will have to wake up and reinvent the concept of money and our economy.  Instead of "time is money," we will operate on the concept of "time is life."  We can’t and should not try to grow our way out of this crisis.  We will be investing in clean water technologies rather than fracking at this point.

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