The OECD warns of a “severe recession” for the Eurozone in 2012. Do you feel that the worst is yet to come for the US Economy?

YES! – The criminal behavior of Wall Street, massive unemployment, the death of manufacturing. A severe Depression is looming!
NO! – The economy is slowly turning around, Global Finance will save us.


John Defalque
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The Big Lie in the papers

The Big Lie in the papers here in Vicky City, BC is that the unemployment rate is 5%.WOW unf-cking beleivable-the Great Depression is over.Well that in credible lie did get me to go back to looking for work and go daily to the labour pimps.Well-weeks later I'm coming up empty.I now give up hope for a summer job and am looking to go to school for the summer.I knew there was a reason I gave up looking for work 18 mos ago.The unemployment rate was 5% for the duration of the 5 yr pre-Olympic construction boom, but wages are a fraction of what they used to be and so many of the jobs out there now are very part time and very temporary.

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Interesting poll and results,

Interesting poll and results, albiet a little distrubing.  Much of what is seen in an economy is merely self-fulfilling prophecies - meaning, if that is what you think, then your acting that way will make it a reality.

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Its a catch 22   Lower wages

Its a catch 22   Lower wages & benefits means  less cash to pay bills which in turn  leads to using credit . Big  Credit card Co  like Chase   Citi  - Cap one  have  lots of folks  by the short hairs   Add  lays offs and  job loss  and  we see why this 'recovery' is S L O W .This  has beeb  the grand  GO scheme ..pushing  hard to l bust unions ..and vowing to make  more states  ' Right  to work ' states aka  WORK   for less'   states> Bush sent  millions of   good  jobs  overseas with  big   tax  cuts. to boot. 

One GOP Gov  just passed a bill taking away  womens right to equal pay !  Hard to believe but true  GOP has passed seberal anti womens - anti  workers rights bills as well   Cittizens  United   unlimited cash  may keep  Wis Gov  Walker   in  power .That will give other GOP Govs  even more power to crush the working  middle class .   Ignorance  is NOT blisss  in p olitics   Its  very  dangerous

Mickey Kossack
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What amazes me is the number

What amazes me is the number of people who are still ignorant of the continuing global financial crisis and are happily using their credit cards to go greater into debt.  The regulations that oversaw the gambling of the banks and investment institutions are ignored, the recent Chase/JPMorgan "loss" on paper was acceptable to the stockholders who continue to keep Jamie Dimon as their CEO.  Eventually, this house of cards will fall because we are not alone and the rules of the Free Market have led to greed over morality and concern for humanity.  Eventually, inflation will be the result of the devaluation of our dollar, we are already seeing the rise in our grocery bills which have been influenced by the rise in gas prices.  The credit card holders will be financially underwater and the purchase of cheap goods from outsourcing will cause the continuing downward spiral.  Then the BRIC consortium will be ready to replace our dollar. The few nations that have remained fairly solvent are those that have kept their natural resources for their citizens, the Scandinavian nations, as examples.  Thomas Jefferson was correct that the banks are more injurious to our nation than marching armies.

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the global economy is in the

the global economy is in the process of a full-scale collapse... unfortunately, it's moving much too slow for me... i'd much rather we'd just get on with it, hit the wall and then figure out how to build a system designed for human beings based on the common good rather than the soulless, greed-based, social darwinian crap we have now...

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The Eurozone is already in a

The Eurozone is already in a recession. However, U.S. is not going into a major recession unless we stop on going secret war with Iran.  If an all out open war with Iran occurs that war could cause massive deflation within the U.S. economy, and we would need another FDR like fix for the nation.



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