Over 200k Americans just lost their unemployment checks. Will Americans ever stage massive protests to austerity like in Europe?

YES! - But unfortunately things will have to get worse to galvanize enough people to force our government into doing it's job.
NO! - We'll just have a "Jobless Recovery" - Neo-Feudalism here we come.


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 History has shown that every

 History has shown that every depression in this country has fueled mass protest, and since we don't seem to learn from history and continue to allow the same mistakes from Wall Street and the financial sector to repeat themselves, no doubt the protests will increase until there are major changes. 

I was watching a feature on PBS about the great depression and it's causes.  The next hour, Frontline did a focus on the problems of the 08 crash.  It was obvious the newest generation of financiers and banksters had no clue about the history of crashes, since they seem to have fallen into the same traps, blindly believing there was no ceiling and stocks would only go up.  It would be helpful if anyone associated with banking, and Wall St. were required to study and understand not only economics, but the history and causes of crashes and take exams or something, require some sort of license, almost like a bar exam, and in some way pass on the mistakes of history to new generations....lest they forget.

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It's time to start the

It's time to start the Socialist revolution!!!

Vote straight Socialist in November!!

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I thought we were already

I thought we were already protesting austerity, or at least the cuts that would create even more austerity.  Unemployment is taxable income, so I don't understand why they'd need to cut that back.  Except for the fact that they don't want the economy to succeed while Obama is in office.

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I hope we do    Nothing gets

I hope we do    Nothing gets sone without  People Power    Nothing

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