Will President Obama officially supporting same-sex marriage help him in the 2012 elections?

YES! – It's an election year, and so this will re-energize his disenfranchised base.
NO! - This will alienate independents and Obama will lose swing states.


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How can it alienate

How can it alienate Independents when nearly 60% of Independents favor marriage equality?

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Obama supports gay

Obama supports gay marriage?!  So what.

I mean, really, and what is he going to do about it?  Let excuses surround his failure to do anythingt?!  

Not impressed.  It is just a campaign marketing ploy.

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He will never get the votes

He will never get the votes of the religious right anyway, but it will help with those who actually think.


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Saying nothing but his

Saying nothing but his personal belief, prior to the NC vote, and then announcing his support the day after the NC vote was the best way to use the circumstances for his own benefit. He will not only get much of his alienated base to take a second look at his accomplishments,he prevented the Republicans from claiming the vote was vote against Obama. We forget that he is a Chicago politician. That gives me great encouragement, considering the current non-position of the left. We need SMART tactics and I think we have the right leader with the right tactics for our current difficulties. PROGRESSIVE AMERICA THE TIME TO ARISE HAS ARRIVED. VOTE!

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