Will the American people rise up and save democracy from greedy oligarchs like the Koch Brothers & the Walton Family?

NO! – We shal remain, willfully ignorant of the slow death of our democracy.
YES! – A global resistance to wealth & power is brewing and US citizens will soon join the revolt.


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Hi from Canada.  I probably

Hi from Canada.

 I probably shouldn't involve in your politics but we're cousins, right?

So Elizabeth Warren for next President after she's seated in the Senate.  

Real hope and change, not the wishy washy politics of Obama.

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Go Liz Warren...the bravest

Go Liz Warren...the bravest candidate our there, in my book and we need a lot more of them.

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One way or another. I hope

One way or another. I hope the easy way. Koch brothers, listen up! You are going down. No amount of money can protect you from the MILLIONS that are against you. Change your ways or be swept away!

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If it's not done this year,

If it's not done this year, then there will be a really big uprising once people start to experience a total meltdown of the democracy and realize their mistake.

In the name of all that

In the name of all that is decent, I sure hope so.  It's hard to stay optimistic when the country has come to even this point, but I believe just as we rose up to fight for our independence, we will again.  The sad part is that we will have to fight for it.

Russell Vaughan
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This was a tough one. The

This was a tough one. The fact Scott Walker is very slightly ahead in Wisconsin  and Liz Warren is neck and neck in Massachusetts is disturbing.   I don't know how far down the road we are going to get before these people wake up. Very depressing.

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I wasn't sure   how to vote

I wasn't sure   how to vote since many folks have  been  ignorant  and  seemed to be lambs to the slaughter  I decided to be optomistic and voteYES   Speak Out People  now before we have lost everything  and huge  Corps, con judges  & DC  lobbyists  finish the US off

www.whitehouse.gov       www.congress.gov      www.factcheck.org     


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