Will Banksters, like Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase, ever be held accountable for their part in crashing of the economy?

NO! – Because, as US Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) said in 2009: "They Frankly Own The Place"
YES! – The American People will eventually reach a breaking point, and demand justice for all!


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If the people get out there

If the people get out there against the banksters - anything would/could be possible. The People need to get a BACKBONE and stand up to all who are trying so hard to crash our economy - I mean REALLY get out there and stand up in numbers - fight for what you beleive in - don't cower down and say "oh there is nothing we can do" ---THAT is how they get aways with this crap!

NOTHING - nothing is impossible when everyone gets involved.

David J. Cyr
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America's "progressive"

America's "progressive" Hartmann liberals are absolutely clueless as to why America MovesOn further Right with every election.

A) Whenever the (R) faction of the corporate party has more BIG money than its (D) faction, the liberals then bitch and moan about there being too much money in elections, but they've never had any problem with the corporate party's Democrats using BIG money to exterminate people's candidates.

REALITY: Bigger Money keeps winning bigger with every election held because near everyone voting has been robo-voting exclusively for the corporate (R) & (D) party's money manufactured candidates. But, of course, voting stupid is "intelligent" when liberals do it. The "intelligent" liberal answer to too much money in elections now is to pressure millions of natural persons to contribute small donations to match the multi-million dollar payments made by corporate persons to purchase the devious Democrats the corporate entities use as weapons of mass deception. There's so many tens of millions of those "intelligent" liberals that sense has clearly become an uncommon commodity.

B) Liberals claim the corporate media's PBS and NPR are actually "fair-and-balanced" providing "complete in-depth news."

REALITY: Although the Propaganda Broadcasting System and National Propaganda Radio regularly respectfully provide opportunities for the Koch family's CATO institute to express its corporate persons' policy positions, they've never invited anyone from the Green Institute to advocate for policies in the interest of natural persons and Nature; and they restrict their campaign reporting to coverage of the corporate (R) & (D) party's really retrograde Republicans and deeply depraved Democrats... effectively disappearing all the good honest people's candidates.

C) Having chronic amnesia, "progressives" claim that Democrats will get good done if they're only given a majority again, conveniently forgetting that the corporate party's Democrats did not do the good they could have when they had the House, Senate and POTUS too.

REALITY: When the corporate party's Republicans have majorities they quickly and aggressively get done whatever crude shit they possibly can that the corporate persons want done; and when the corporate party's Democrats have majorities they passive aggressively get done — with a "nuanced approach" — whatever evil shit the corporate persons still want done that the Democrats' Republican partners couldn't get done.

Obama has out Bushed Bush, yet the "progressive" liberals are still corporate obedient Democrats.

The "progressives" are the liberals who keep voting for the corporate party's Democrats so they can keep protesting against what they keep voting for.

Voter Consent Wastes Dissent:


Occupy the election with votes for Jill Stein for president.


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This Congress does not

This Congress does not believe the Banksters did anything wrong.  And new Congresses, or POTUSes, don't like to act retroactively. 

Big Money and Big Biz have filled the Peoples' void in our democracy.  We, Americans, have the lowest Voter turnout.  While turnout for the Bigs is 100%!  WTF do you/we expect?! Hmmmmm? 

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I agree with Dianhow's

I agree with Dianhow's pessimism, except that bigotry and lack of critical thinking don't seem to me to be age (or schoolin) related. After decades of commercial demaggogery on the mass media, it may not matter what was or was not taught in school. We gave the media away during Reagan-Clinton, and now the vast majority of the US gets nothing but Religion, Country or Rabid-Right-Rants. Driving cross country, other than NPR/PBS there's nothing resembling "fair-and-ballanced (and complete in-depth) news.

And, like Citizens United, the Left has done nothing to rectify this imbalance -- other than solicit more minor contributions from the Frustrated-Faithful.

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OK, I was being a bit

OK, I was being a bit pessismistic when I voted no, but that's the way the cookie crumbles today.  As for tomorrow or next year?  Who knows.  If the Democrats get control in 2013 they may grow a pair and really go after these guys.  Time will tell.

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NO  Lobbyists &  Corp America

NO  Lobbyists &  Corp America DO  own Congress  !  Until  lobbyists are gone we have little to hope for .  Citizens  United money is buying elections and judges.  Too many voters do not realize  how dangerous this  is.  They just hate Obama.. foreign  Kenyan Muslim whatever they believe.  Its hurts  to know US has so many  ignorant  people that loyally  follow Fox  Rush Hannity  and do  not question if they are truthful..  America  has been dumbed down so badly.  When I went to puiblic school  in 50's we got a great education.  Now education is  last  on  Miits list  if its on the  list at all.  .

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