Will the GOP attempt to impeach President Obama over his immigration policy?

YES! - Republicans only goal is to defeat Obama in November.
NO! - Such an obvious political stunt would not benefit the Republicans.


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That's what they'll say the

That's what they'll say the reason is.  They'll really try to impeach him for Presidenting while Black.

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The Republi-con's will do

The Republi-con's will do anything but pass any jobs bill or related to recovery so,I would not put it past them.They have made it painfully obvious to anyone who's interested in what"s going on in today's political agenda driven by Wealthy investor"s.Corporate America sold out the American workers moving operations and profits offshore,and those jobs are gone for good.We need to re-create American based know-how,with new Green technologies and jobs with Living wage's.Corp.America greed,profits before people and profit at all cost mentality needs to go away,& fast !

Republicans have been seeking

Republicans have been seeking revenge for the Nixon impeachment for 45+ years.  They are going to keep tring until they nail a Democrat and coonvict or force resignation in disgrace.   However, I don't think they will try to impeach Obama unless Obama wins re-election while they win a substantial majority in the senate and keep control of the House with an increased majority.

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YES   Bagger  run GOP

YES   Bagger  run GOP congress  are devious and relentless   Sickening group of  greedy  lying corp suck ups  Yet  corp  run media  will not challenge the LIES 

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