Will the GOP hold up infrastructure funding, 1.9 million US transportation workers hostage & demand the XL Pipeline be passed?

Yes - The Oil Barons get what they want.
No - The GOP will come to their senses & maintain US infrastructure without the XL Pipeline.


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Most in congress are owned  

Most in congress are owned   by  Big OIL   Bush Cheney both huge oil men   We saw where they  led us  worst crash since 1929 

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Well said   Until that

Well said   Until that happens  WE are screwed    IF  Citizens  United  money man  Mitt wins  whats left of the  middle class  will  soon die   off    I am very  worried 

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Nationalize the Oil and Gas

Nationalize the Oil and Gas industry.

Break up the too big to fail banks

Get cash out of politics.

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It's getting to be a broken

It's getting to be a broken record re XL Pipeline.  I cannot seem to convince my blue dog dem Congressman that tar sands oil and this pipeline is a bad thing.  He can't see past the few jobs in my state that it will, or has created.  He is for alternative green energy as well, but I think he voted to keep subsidies with big oil vs spreading some of it to emerging technologies re renewable energies.

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