Will the SCOTUS ruling for ObamaCare help us achieve healthcare for all?

Yes! Now it’s time to take ObamaCare further – time to push for Medicare part E – Medicare for All.
No! Our current healthcare system will continue to rely on private, for-profit health insurance companies.


Geraldine Rieman
On some radio or TV cable

On some radio or TV cable stations such as MSNBC, I hear that Obama will do well because of health care. That this is wonderful.    On other radio and TV stations, I hear that this is the best thing that could have happened to Republicans.   That it will help them win in Novermber.    People do not seem to know what the Affordable Care act will do for them.  Many echo the right-wing talk shows in their comments.

Then others say that people need health care and that this is a good thing.   I do.   None seem to know about the Heritage Foundation plan for health care and that it even had a mandate in the form of a tax, and this was a Republican idea.   Very few mention this.  Ezra Klein on MSNBC shows the documents of the Heritage Foundation plan on TV last week. 

The right-wing people talk as though the poor, or uneducated, or unemployed do NOT deserve health care and that they need to "get a job" - "take a bath"- and go get their health own care.   They say they don't want to pay for your health care or education.   It all sounds like the poor and uneducated are despised. 

Strange, these people who complain about having to pay for health care for others never complain (for one example) about paying for prisoners to have health care, and for prisoners even just to stay in prison.  They don't complain that they pay for the crooked politicians to have health care.  

Health care is a deal-breaker for me. I will only vote for those who are for health care for all.    And, Thank God for Bernie Sanders. 

He is a gem of a person. 

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It's a step in the right

It's a step in the right direction.

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Hopefully  at some point  Its

Hopefully  at some point  Its up to Dems to get   it done right  

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