Will we become a nation-less world where only transnational corporations rule?

YES! – And the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact means American laws will no longer apply to foreign businesses.
NO! – Through populist uprisings, "We The People" will prevent such a totalitarian corporate oligarchy.


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I say no, but for a different

I say no, but for a different reason....there's too much money to be made from war.  Some corporations will want to keep nations going to that end.  And - where there's oil, there may be war.

I more or less believe in 1 world government, but not run by corporations, and history has shown that trying to "conquer" the world has rarely worked out.  But 1 government, made up of representatives from all over the world, in a counsel,  with all parts of the world working together for the betterment of all, instead of fighting each other......too utopian, I suppose.

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I believe Gore did win, and

I believe Gore did win, and Bush should have gone to jail for the 'scan stolen election' we didn't elect him. Why did we go along with this? how can it be fixed? they are going to do it again...


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I'm not seeing it either 

I'm not seeing it either  Will take  more pain to wake some  folks up  enough to make them act, move,  protest , speak out  .  A lot  depends  on who wins  in Nov. .  If its Mitt  we know  what  he  &  Ryan plan  to do . More corp  perks  More deregulation Repeal   health care . End EPA   GOP cares  not one iota  about public safety, education, enviorment . Dump more  toxic  pollutants into our water and air .   Bagger congress &  Corp  interests  /  lobbyists  will   run  Mitt .  Ronmey has shown  NO  sign of integrity or guts   He can   not even stand  up to Trump or Rushs ugly  crass comments, smears .  Mitt  will  cower  under  Irans dictator .  Cheney  and  Rove   may run  our  gov't and foreign policy   Just as Cheney did  under Bush  !   .    www.factcheck.org           www.politifact.com    www.congress.org   I keep  thinking what would it be like if Gore  had been Pres..Very  very  different    Fla  Jeb & Fla courts  handed  Bush  the election. in 2000.    I have NO doubt. 

Karen McKim
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How about yes first, and then

How about yes first, and then no? Unfortunately, I think we must experience a longer "train of abuses and usurpations"  before enough Americans become populists to support an effective uprising. It's still true that "mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed." We could save one helluva lot of grief if the populist uprising started today, but I'm not seeing it.

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