Is the current civil unrest in Anaheim a harbinger of more to come?

YES! – Vulture capitalism has caused nationwide suffering. A national revolt is next!
NO! – Local police brutality in Anaheim is not a sign of a nation in turmoil.




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You better believe it! 

You better believe it!  Especially, given the way Obama and other authorities turned a deaf ear to the OWS movement.

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I couldn't agree with jdjay

I couldn't agree with jdjay more! This country has never had Health Care, but we have had our fill of sick care for profit and not even that if you are poor. This is a money grubbing corrupt system that is anti-christian as you can get. Yes, there will be one heck of ANOTHER civil war in this country and I hope that Democratic Socialism and REAL CHRISTIANITY takes over and we never hear of the Republican Party ever again in ANY context! Medicare for ALL!! The rest of the industrialised western countries enjoy real HEALTH CARE! We need to break the too big to fail banks apart into much smaller banks that actually serve all the people of America and not just the wealthy. Bring back the Glass Steigle Act!!

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Honestly I think that

Honestly I think that Citizen's United is going to win Romney the presidency and a repub majority in the senate.  They will pass the Paul Ryan budget and.......scenes like this in Anaheim are going to become an everyday event all over the country.  I hope that I am wrong, but I think the CU decision was huge.  But in the long run it may be the necessary medicine for those of us that have been disenfranchised by the system to be desperate enough to put together some serious opposition to the present status quo.  If that's what it takes to move quicker towards a more evolved system of democratic socialism, than so be it.  Just my two cents. 


                                                                                         Thanks for all you do Thom, Lois, and company

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