With wealth inequality reaching new heights, will we become a neo-feudalistic nation of masters & serfs?

YES! – And we are already pretty far along in the process.
NO! – Through resistance movements, we will reverse the damage caused by the greedy oligarchs!


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With regard to the question

With regard to the question of neo-feudalism....there's something about the notion of a feudalistic society with 4-G networking that just doesn't fit the bill. But the ideas being fed to us: go get-'em attitude about war for Iranian oil, meainlingless drivel on television, like teen pregancy, prisoners getting 15 minutes of fame, and man stuff's his face, corporate advertising overkill and with drones and all sorts of other spying technologies...we may be closer to a very bizarre 1984 or something.

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Why don't the people talke

Why don't the people talke about G.W.Bush & what Bush done to America !

1)  G.W.Bush was in from 2001 - 2008 (8-years) to President Obama 3 1/2 years from 2009 - 2012                                                     2) G.W.Bush took the America Womens & Mens jobs,   & send them Oversea & to China                                                                    3)  alot of Womens % Mens  DO_NOT have a job or a Home dur to G.W.Bush, & what about there Kids who DO_NOT have Homes  4)  in Arkansas there are Over 1,4000 kids with home dur to G.W.Bush & Mitt Romney !                                                                       5) LOOK_What G.W.Bush done to the Womens & Mens who came back from the WAR !   (NOT_ONE thing) !                                   6) Top it off LOOK_AT the debt what G.W.Bush put  us in. 

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Mitt Romney is Stalling on

Mitt Romney is Stalling on his Releaseing TAX_Returns !

Why ?

So Mitt Romney & his 5-Wife Can have time to "Doctor his TAX_Returns  UP !

God Bless America & God Bless President Obama

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We've had 30 years of trickle

We've had 30 years of trickle down economics and a belief system that the super rich are the "job creators" and everything to do with the government is bad. Now we have our elections being bought out from under us by a few billionaires and a supreme court that believe money is speech and corporations are living, breathing people. Divide and conquer, it's exactly what they've done and they're laughing all the way to their tax sheltered banks (swiss or cayman) Feels pretty hopeless for those of us struggling to make ends meet.

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