Will the recent Colorado tragedy lead to sensible gun laws?

YES! – Congress will be pushed to finally ban assault weapons.
NO! – The NRA and their legislators will never allow it.


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As for the theories put out

As for the theories put out by right wing talk show hosts that this is a conspiracy by the Obama administration to get people mad and push for more gun control, what about all the mass killings, etc. under Republican Presidents?  Is Obama the only President in history here?  What short, convenient memories they must have.  They are so far out there, many need to be committed.

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You must belong to a well

You must belong to a well regulated militia then, and you use muskets and other weapons that go back to the 18th century.

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You mean "spur", not "spurn,"

You mean "spur", not "spurn," right?

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Hey, if you can get away with

Hey, if you can get away with shooting a Congresswoman without any gun law changes, why would Congress change gun laws when pions are shot?

Choice America ...
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Leave our 2nd Amendment

Leave our 2nd Amendment Rights alone.

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I cannot understand why the

I cannot understand why the NRA is running American politics.

We need to do with guns what we've done with cigarettes. We have to make guns items that we scorn. That we know are lethal, just as cigarettes are.

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Are you seriously saying

Are you seriously saying Treason about President Obama?.

I think this subject brings out all the gun nuts.

How would any normal citizen use assault rifles? Are you going out to kill de

58 Murders a Year by Firearms in Britain, 8,775 in US
Juan Cole, Informed Comment
Cole reports: "The international comparisons show conclusively that fewer gun owners per capita produce not only fewer murders by firearm, but fewer murders per capita overall."

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We have sensible gun laws. 

We have sensible gun laws.  Banning guns doesn't prevent criminals from getting them, they aren't using legal means to aquire them anyways.  As for the incident in Colorado even without firearms he could've killed and injured just as many people, explosives are easy to make and cars are incredibly dangerous when running into pedestrians.

Yes, seems there'll be a push

Yes, seems there'll be a push for New gun Regulation or at Least Assault weapons ban. This, just in time to add to 2012 social turmoil where our own officials (gop) vowed, to go against our (& their) President (can you say Treason? Sure ya can) ....on, and on, and on..... Now NRA front and center, all the gun toating blow hards who have two cents of courage and spend it on fleating egos, round & round we go, again and again. Really? how small of a member/constitution do you have to have to need 100 rounds of amo at the ready? ... course there's always the "finally" senerio *shutter*.

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