Is the Presidential election so corrupt that Romney has already won?

YES! – Super PACs & voter suppression have locked it up for Romney.
NO! – Obama needs a big enough margin so the election can't be stolen.


Highland Harry
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Being old school left (SDS) I

Being old school left (SDS) I will vote for the President. However. I prefer to do my voting in the streets. If you know what I mean. Power to the People!!!!

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1. Not all disinfranchised

1. Not all disinfranchised voters are democrats, because not all republicans are wealthy, young etc. and voter suppresion laws will also effect their numbers and independents. 2. Not all states are getting hit with pack ads.  I have not seen 1 yet here in Washington state. 3. Those states with the voter issues need a grassroots push to get as many voters' ID's as they can and help them get to the polls. 4. I really think the people are sick of corporate politics, and the best way to do something about it, is to keep a lame duck president with nothing to lose by going after the banksters and corporations.  That may be what the GOP is most worried about.


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Are the American people

Are the American people stupid enough to elect Romney?  Probably...


any 3rd party vote is a vote for Romney


better a fake democrat than a real republican

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   I live in Ohio and refuse


 I live in Ohio and refuse to focus on loss. I believe we can win and save our democracy.

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Vote for Jill Stein of the

Vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party for President.

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So it seems like anyone who

So it seems like anyone who climbs to the top of the ladder, people come out and  vote for them. It does not matter how they got there or who and what is said. Its like a one win circus  that came to town, We see them all the time, (TV, because, You are told so by   Authority  Umm .  Authority of what?    Berry just  don't understand  power with  ignorance, ignorance with power   all at the same time.      "They  must   go together,   they do They do  ~~           (Masochism, Sadism  do they go  together ?     How did that get in there? ?     

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where's the "I hope not"

where's the "I hope not" option?

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