Is the U.S. economy becoming like the austerity ravaged Eurozone?

YES! - Without another gov’t stimulus package we're screwed!
NO! - The economy will receive another stumulus, preventing further economic decline.


So long as the money bailouts

So long as the money bailouts the People and NOT the banksters and corporations, I'm all for it. Let's help people not loose their homes and students with their loans first and foremost with that bailout money. If not, we are going to have a lost generation chained to so much debt that they'll be in economic slavery. Time to kill apathy. Spread empathy and compassion. Peace.

Geraldine Rieman
On CNN Saturday, Sept. 1,

On CNN Saturday, Sept. 1, 2012, for the Financial news,  a financial expert (I don't recall which person) said that with Ryan's plan, that the U. S. will experience almost immediately--- austerity just like Greece.  Ryan scares me.  

Also one of the financial experts said that cuts should not be made until unemployment is at 6%.  That it will just get worse, and that we need to feed our poor.  Get people working. 

humanitys team
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Here in the UK the public

Here in the UK the public bailed out the banks to a tune of 395 billion pounds,according to the independent newspaper last week 90% of that money went to the  richest 10 % of the population and just 10% of that stimulus (the public's money) went to the least well off.

The people have no idea what is going on because there is no transparency and that means no truth ,we are being played like a fiddle. .the UK has been in official  recession since  2008 and austerity is not working but the power,s that be have decided that this is the road to go down.As in America we are a wash with money ,money is not the problem fairness is and the thought that there is not enough to go around.


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The initial Obama stimulus

The initial Obama stimulus was far too small and too much of it was directed to tax cuts.  It is time for citizens to stand proud as tax payers and recognize that our taxes built the commons.  It is the commons and significant investment intheir upgrade that will once again grow the middle class.

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