Will voters see through the Republican lies?

YES! - The lies will not disguise the 1% agenda of Romney/Ryan.
NO! - The corporate media is unwilling to call out the lies.


Geraldine Rieman
People look starry-eyed at

People look starry-eyed at the prospect of a new "king" to "save" them.   People hero worship.    

All the stories of parents working so hard, were THEN, not now.  It was easier to find a job in the 50'-60's.   I know.


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I only voted yes because

I only voted yes because those of us who are more enlightened have been seeing through them.  Despite their lies, they continue to have some women and even blacks and latinos who will vote for them.  If that's not enough, they're already hard at work rigging the election to disenfranchise or prevent democrats from voting, not unlike in 2000 and 2004 when we had a President foisted on us through election fraud.  I pray it won't happen in 2012.

Willie W
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If Republicans rule, I can

If Republicans rule, I can see some version of "The Hunger Games" on the distant horizon for future generations.

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Until today , lies about

Until today , lies about Obama had a female co-worker of mine convinced to vote for Romney. That all changed when I told her about the Republican plan to defund planned parenthood. She was furious to say the least...... she has vowed to vote for Obama and the Democrats and agreed to tell her friends as well. It's easy to forget that many people are busy working massive hours just to survive and have little energy left to spend on political related info and thought.

Let's all spread the truth and be a part of the effort to make sure the Kochs waste massive sums of money on their favorite prostitutes, the corp. media!

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The populus is too

The populus is too brainwashed by the corporate media like the so-called fox news station to understand they are being robbed blind by the modern day copper barons.

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Facts are annoying to

Facts are annoying to Sheeples. Their bubble is impenetrable.  Swoosh -  there goes Truth. 

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I live in Ohio. A few of us

I live in Ohio. A few of us think  the fix has been in since1996. We weren't surprised by so many candidates this year and believe our state is being gutted by the 1%.

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  It is as obvious as a wart

  It is as obvious as a wart on your NOSE ! - The Lies - that is !

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Corp  media only concern  is

Corp  media only concern  is Max  Profits   Yes its sad and un professional .

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