Did Romney darken his skin for Univision interview?

YES! A shameful attempt to appeal to Latino voters.
NO! It was a mishap at John Boehner's tanning salon.


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Pandering of the absolutely

Pandering of the absolutely worst type.

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Mitt & Ann Romney also Paul

Mitt & Ann Romney also Paul Ryan, DO_NOT care about the 47% !

Why ?

If Paul Ryan did care about the 47% of the people, then Paul Ryan would hve VOTE yes on the "American jobs Act Bill" last  years when President Obama send the "American jobs AcBill" to the "Republicans Congrees" in the House !

But Paul Ryan don't care about the 98% thatc way Paul Ryan Vote No or the Republicas Congrees just put the Bill aside !

God Bless the 98%

President Obama do care about the 47% and more !

Thank you for your time,

GO and VOTE this 2013 ?

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Since he already has

Since he already has hispanics lumped in with the worthless 47%, I doubt he would bother with tanning for them. 

With regard to your radio/FSTV suggestion that Romney believes he's the "white horse".....you might be onto something...he certainly appears to have delusions of grandure. 


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Romney & Obama will say

Romney & Obama will say anything that will get them into the Presidential Office.  If, you want a progressive President in office vote for Jill Stein Presidential candidate for the Green Party.  jillstein.org

Or, at least go to http://www.isidewith.com/presidential-election-quiz to see which presidential candidate matches your beliefs.

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