Do Americans care more about NFL Ref unions than teacher unions?

YES! Sadly, NFL scores mean more than SAT scores.
NO! It's only an issue now because the Packers lost.


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Bread and circuses, just like

Bread and circuses, just like the Romans.

You are right, just as a

You are right, just as a pickpocket distracts his victim, the American population is distracted by the media with sports and other visceral entertainment while everything of real value is drained from our country into the pockets of the stateless oligarchs who rule ever more of our planet. Religion (fake) is no longer the only opiate of the masses; but the makers of the other opiates generally do have to pay some taxes .   

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Apparently the voting is

Apparently the voting is closed, but I would have said yes to this one.  Sports is a big business and a major distraction more important to many then what's going on in this country, which could well lead to our downfall.


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