Has the decline of unions shattered the American dream?

YES! Unions were the driving force for economic mobility.
NO! Anyone can still start a business with their parent's money.


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My dad, who recently passed

My dad, who recently passed away,  was a union construction man for his whole adult life, so when I caught a showing of the local AFL-CIO convention held in Washington state -  still a strong union state..so far-  I was intrigued by a speaker who explained some new things  happening in communities to beat the corporate nonsense -  companies where labor and management have an equal role in how the company operates and work together to better the business. I know the Germans have something similar. I've also seen and heard of various companies around the country that have alternatives to the corporate pyramid.  I think it would be a great idea to focus on, promote and encourage these kind of enterprises.

Adding to this: recently aired on Book TV: "Occupy the Economy: Challenging Capitalism" By David Barsamian; Richard Wolf.  Would like to see him on your "Conversations with Great Minds". Would be great to see more positive stuff like this. The book TV interview will air again on Sept 30, 2PM EST



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The fabric of our country has

The fabric of our country has been frayed because it is falling into the hands of corporations, elitists and those who simply want to destroy the middle class.  These oligarchs can only succeed if we stop fighting against them.  Those who still care must stand together to preserve the values in which we believe.

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   How did we enable the

   How did we enable the Republicans and some Democrats to destroy the effectiveness of Unions as  justice, domestic tranquility, general welfare, liberty in the fabric of our country frayed?

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None/both/some of the above

None/both/some of the above -- due to non exclusive, non-complete qualifiers.

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