Is the right wing media distorting polls to later accuse Obama of stealing election?

YES! And the “Drudge Report” is leading the way.
NO! They just can’t believe their guy’s losing so badly.


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Guess who counts our

Guess who counts our votes?....Spain!!!  LOL, I'm voting for Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party! a 3rd party could change history, we need a woman! men have made a big mess of the planet for evil does it get before we women roll up our selves and fix it...enough is enough. We can make big changes overnight if we unite.

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Another instance of

Another instance of projection from the right. "Let's accuse the left of doing what we do." A common tactic of Fox, Lamebow, and all the rest. They assume, and for many, rightly so, that if both side do it there is an equivalency. Another instance of the right lying to gain political advantage. Maintain the high ground. Don't stoop to their tactics and ALWAYS point out the false equivalency. Tada!!

Ellen BLS
 Probably they are distorting

 Probably they are distorting the polls.  They have lied, cheated and stollen their way to power for at least the last 10 years.  What would possibly stop them now?  They have no sense of right or wrong, and totally lack any semblance of character. It will be a sad day for this country if they win the Presidency and retain power in the Congress. 

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I don't pretend to

I don't pretend to underestimate them.  They are very crafty and stealthy.  I received some hateful e-mails today from a woman who had been one of my best friends in highschool, and that was 53 years ago.  She lives in Calif and suggested that maybe I should listen to Rush Limbaugh more?  I could not let that one slide and let her know just exactly what I thought of Rush.  She's not the only one that apparently is not the person I thought they were.  Despite what's factual and true, they will skew truth or outright lie to brainwash people and they will always mold the facts to fit their version of truth and then make people believe it.

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Of course. It's all lies and

Of course. It's all lies and manipulation that has worked inthe past. If Obama loses the election we have to prevent the Dems from giving in again. More important than politics is our democracy.


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All options for once are on the table.

No, it's so republicans can

No, it's so republicans can steal the election and when they do, they will be able to say, see we told you it was close.

Actually, between the seniors, women, minorities and a thoughtful middle class, Obama should run away with it.  But, I wouldn't put anything past the right wing.

Why not?  They know Bush

Why not?  They know Bush stole the election in 2000 & possibly in 2004; they know we know that too.  Therefore they think it would be a believeable accusation in the event the roadblocks to voting they've set up don't work out.

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