Will the GOP succeed in crashing the economy by Nov. 6?

YES! - Republicans in Congress refuse to pass Obama's jobs bill.
NO! - The economy will not get any worse before the election.


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I have to vote by mail and my

I have to vote by mail and my state (Ohio) is pushing voting by mail. Must be easier to throw an election by destroying paper than diddling with a computer. Also exit polls are irrelevent this way.


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Do the American People want

Do the American People want Mitt & Ann Romney also Paul Ryan who do_not tell the American People the Truth now,  What will it be like if Mitt Romny & Paul Ryan get into Office ?

Do you thinks that Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan will LIES to you agin ?   Yes  or  NO

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if the people will read or

if the people will read or see the NEWs

Why ?

President Obama came out with the " Amican job Avt Bill " over a years, and the Republican & Paul Ryan, VOTE the American jobs Act down, but President Obama would have a lot of Womens & Mens back  to work, if the Republicans VOTE yes on the Ameican jobs Act. So DO_NOT for get November 2,2010 ?  When the Republicans told the American People "there wikk be jobs"So Paul Ryan where are the jobs you told the American People ?

Did Paul Ryan LIES to the American People ?  or  What ?

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Exactly Well  said   And

Exactly Well  said   And imagine what might have been if  Gore  had been Pres   NOT GW Bush .!!

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POOP on those who spread

POOP on those who spread misinformation,  1/2 truths and smears    Obama tried to get along with GOP but they  kicked him in the teeth many times  and vowed to crush him  Thats what they  did  last 4 yrs.  Economy /  Jobs do not count ..as long as Obama loses. Thats what 2010 election gave us  .. a T Bagger run GOP. congress.    In spite  of them Obama got bin laden- top al qauda,  Bush  just  gave up.   Obama passed first health  reform  bill ever- Obama  saved US auto jobs/ industry .Mitt said 'let them DIE'  Obama gave us middle class tax cuts  in his stimulous. pkg.    4 milllion new  jobs since 2009 .   MITT Ryan  will repeal  all that and then some  just  so corps  get  even more  tax cuts and CO's are NOT regulated. Thats what led to us  worst  crash  since 1929  .Obama has and  will strenthen education.  Mitt - Ryan will gut  education,  SS and Medicare    Millions like me paid double SS taxes . We  can save money by  omitting  SS tax cap now .. @ 107 K   Cut way down  on  waste and fraud .Fine employers who hire illegals  . Leave the SS trust fund alone for future generations.  It  has saved millions of seniors from hunger and homelessness. .

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  The Republicans will not


The Republicans will not change their spots and pass the jobs bill, but the economy is strong enough to resist a crash.

In response to the previous writers, can any “thinking” person imagine what condition the country would be had Mitt Romney been president the last four years?  Here are some possibilities: The big part of the automobile industry might likely be out-sourced.  Tens of thousands of teachers, policemen and firefighters would be off the job if Mitt really believed Obama’s stimulus plan was the “mother of all earmarks”, and would not pass it.  There would continue to be tens of millions of people with no healthcare with costs increasing more than they are at present.  With Mitt’s plan to further cut taxes on the wealthy and who knows what wars we might be in, imagine the increased size of the deficit.   Consider women’s rights.   Consider the affects of a smaller federal government and imagine these folks on unemployment, not paying taxes and competing with the auto workers, and others, for available jobs.  And on and on…  George W. Bush got another four more years…think about THAT!


Poop on people like you.

Poop on people like you. Thinking citizens are not mired down in Republicans vs Democrats. They're writing to their legislators asking them to work on items to make our economy stronger. One side seems ignorant of arithmetic, which is unbelieveable to me because using it well is what makes things work. Not all of us are as ignorant as the people in D.C. seem to think. Unfortunately, there are just too many liars there, and they keep using the idea, tell a big enough lie, repeat it over and over, and you will get people (uneducated unfortunately) to believe you. 

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No, no, nononono......Obama

No, no, nononono......Obama will deserve blame if the GOP "doesn't pass the jobs bill".

Obama can do all the bullshit shenanigans he's been pulling for 4 years to get assistance to creat jobs on Main Street but has chosen not to.  Hello?, Federal Reserve much?!   How did Obama get his $8 Trillion of the $16 Trillion to Wall Street?  What bill was that again?  NOT!!!  Come off it!.  There is more than one way to skin a cat...if you're willing....and Obama knows it.

The wording chosen for the question stem is sad.  It proves a flaw I have long suspected with the two party system - it is more important to our leaders to assign blame to the other party than accomplish whatever it is in question (because we all know that could get accomplished some other way but sadly wouldn't generate an opportunity for blame).

Poop on both parties.  If you get mired down in the Republican v the Democrat theatre you're missing the point!

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Pop up the S&P-500 or any

Pop up the S&P-500 or any other measure of the economy, charted over the last 5-years; focus on Q4-2008.. ANYTHING is possible and the tools are in place to pull the plug, if they find it advantageous or necessary. Watch very closely for big-money selling-short.

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