Will the GOP's rampant election fraud cost Obama a 2nd term?

YES! A low voter turnout will help Romney & GOP.
NO! The GOP tactics will energize people to vote.

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This is a tough call. I think

This is a tough call. I think we all want the people to win out over the money and the nonsense.  I would feel better if there were some real penalties for what seems obviously illegal.  Looks like the ballot trasher in Florida is being made a fall guy while the top dogs are laughing all the way to the bank with their share of donations. 

An interesting question ( Breaking the Set ) was presented about past campaigns where the actual tallies showed democrats had won in past presidential elections, why didn't the actual winners step up and stand up and make some noise about it?   A better question,  will we the people stand up? 

Another good point w/ Bernie Sanders....no matter who wins, we have to start the day after the elections, keep working to get progressives in office.  Keep standing up to Wall St. and injustice.


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