Will last night's debate erase Romney's recent gains in the polls?

YES! Obama won the debate and the polls should shift in his favor.
NO! It wasn't a clear enough win to recover from the 1st debate.


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Thank God: President Obama

Thank God: President Obama came through!


David J. Cyr
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Obama doesn't need binders

Obama doesn't need binders full of women. Obama bound and gagged the woman who should have been in the POTUS debates.

What do dictatorships do with political alternatives.

First they ignore them,
then they ridicule them,
then they arrest them...

Porcine police keeping the 2012 POTUS debate's "wonderful experience" safe... safe, from any mention of climate change:


Meanwhile, inside the "private" corporate party debate, the corporate party's two money manufactured candidates competed over which of them would frack for more oil and gas than the other; which would get more coal burned faster than the other; which would have more Canadian tar sands oil piped across America, to port for export, than the other... to ensure that there will be no future.


The "progressives" are the liberals who keep voting for the corporate party's Democrats so they can keep protesting against what they keep voting for.


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When ever I hear the China

When ever I hear the China issue from Romney, I'm reminded of part of a closed door session recorded on Mitt Romney, he spoke of a company he visited in China, a model for Bain to buy out, Romney described the poor conditions for the workers in detail.  A question that no one has asked.....when buying these Chinese factories have any working conditions improved ??  Has Romney or Bain done anything to improve the miserable conditons and abuse of these, their own workers?  Since improvements would be a great example to put before the American public, I'm guessing condtions are left unchanged.  So Bain and Romney apparently support and profit off human rights abuse. 


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